Sample Technology paper / Assessment, Technology, and Change

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Assessment, Technology, and Change

 Despite the recent advancement in information and communication technology, most schools are still using primitive methods of academic assessment such as, pencil and paper. The current assessment method prohibits the creation of new and more effective models of testing students’ knowledge, this is because it does not test higher intellectual thinking. The assessment models are proficient in cognition and interpretation, but weak in assessing observation. Modern technology is essential since it can be used to create digital environments that stimulate valuable learning, and also programmed to assess user interaction in order to ease assessment of learning. Gifford, (2012), suggest that digital learning environments are innovative since they can present richer and complex problems that test students’ learning.Inadequate assessment of students’ knowledge makes curriculum focus more on simplifying concepts, rather than emphasising on the critical importance of learning.

In the long term, the students will be unable to demonstrate critical thinking and skills when employed. The primary role of technology in assessment is to improve the method of access and grading. However, technology allows flexibility where tests can be customized to meet different students’ learning needs. Science is one subject that has mostly embraced technology based assessments (Gifford, 2012).

According to research, students’ performance varies in every exam while virtual assessments are more likely to give an accurate assessment of students learning. Learning is a digital environment can increase student learning experiences since there will be increased engagement and self efficiency. Research also shows that, implementing learning technology and assessment help teachers to reduce the time spent on training since the program can handle performance based learning evaluation problems. Technology based learning and assessment can also be modified to meet the amount of time available to students. References

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