Sample essay on corporate social responsibility

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When we came together as a group, there was always the core purpose or objective that the group aimed to achieve. It is of critical importance that every person’s potential in the group is brought out. At a group level, all group members have different abilities, and there are those who are better at certain things than others. For instance, when a person joins a study group, there are two main feelings that one is likely to have. A person will either have an overwhelming felling wanting to share as much information as he or she can to benefit others, and perhaps to appear knowledgeable to the rest of the group. On the other hand, some people are hesitant to share the information they have because they feel as though they will be left empty. It is as if they would want to enjoy the monopoly of having and owning that information, and not sharing it with any other person. The feeling of being a leader is something I experienced while in the group, and this was during the initial stages.

It is does not mean those who feel hesitant to share the information are selfish. There are factors that contribute towards this feeling; the main one is the fact that a person could be among people he or she considered as strangers. People find it easy to express their opinions and ideas only when among people who are familiar. The other reason that will make people feel uneasy to share their ideas in a group set up is the fear of being judged, and people giving out negative opinions about them. When in an unfamiliar set up, people tend to feel that those around them are likely to judge them based on what they say. As a result, most people prefer to keep to themselves.

What is amazing is that as a person struggles with issues of being in an unfamiliar setup; so does everyone else. For instance, when one has joined a new group, it means all members are new because the group is new. More often, the members previously did not know each other, and each person has his or her own fears.

When one looks back, it dawns that the initial perceptions one may have regarding the group aspect could be highly deceiving. For example, when I look back to the beginning of this class based on the perceptions, I had which were obviously mistaken; I never imagined I would learn much in this class. I was almost skeptical of the group and the work that we would do as a team. However, reflecting back I realize that I have not only learnt a lot in this class but also that I would not have learnt as much without the help of the group.

There has also been a change of attitude on my part. From being skeptical, I have now learnt to understand and appreciate the importance of the group. Focusing on small issues that are not relevant enable a person to focus on the bigger picture like what I am going to gain by the end of the class. A person also begins to examine the relevance of the class in relation to the overall course being undertaken, and in this case being counseling.

Speaking out personal experiences in the group is of great importance because it helps the rest of the group members and the group leader understand and appreciate every member of the group. Further, it helps the leader and the course convener find tactics to ensure every student feels accommodated in the class. Being in this group has also helped all other members of the group and I appreciate their ability, and potential to work on their own. If people are used to guidance they may feel less and unable. However, the group helps each individual explore, discover, and bring out their full potential. When the groups were first formed, the Professor in charge had a leading role in all the groups; however, with time, he became less involved and encouraged members to take charge with leadership and guidance.

Conclusively, not all members in a group can lead; therefore, the group work setting gives a tremendous exposure to each member so that by the end of the coursework ; each member can go out and lead other groups comfortably having mastered the art. Group work has made me qualify as an individual and a student of counseling. I am grateful to the group that I am better than before. It has helped me know more about myself, which I possibly could not know by myself; and it has been of great benefit in my life.