Sample MLA Reflective Journal

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Prior to reading the journal on how the duke chief executive officer worked and turned the company around, I lacked an understanding of how energy companies related positively with the environment. Previously my perception of energy companies was negative based on their wanton destruction of the environment in search of energy. The Duke chief executive officer broke the industry norm, combining energy harnessing with environmental conservation. Thanks to the journal, I realized that anything is possible.

Worth noting is the negative attitude that most people had towards him when he began his a hundred days of listening. When he started his strategy, many people were opposed to it. This opposition and doubt did not lessen his resolve for the inclusion of all stakeholders. From this, i gained the insight that as long as I had planned a correct course of action, sticking would be fruitful, despite any opposition.

In this journal for me, two things stood out. One was the realization that not every action I take will receive a smooth reception. Two, I understood the need for self-analysis. This means that my decisions change with my environment.

Compared to other candidates, the Duke chief executive officer was young and inexperienced. To many these were disadvantages, but from the journal it is evident these were the factors that enabled him inject new life and ideas into the energy sector. Here, he illustrates the importance of openness and interaction, even with the people we consider inferior. This is shown by his interaction with environmentalists, which encountered a lot of resistance, but instead he viewed them as indispensable stakeholders. Listening to all parties allows for a better perspective in making decisions.

Admission of mistakes and acknowledgment faults provides avenues for rectification and development. It is vital to treat each incident as a learning experience. This helps develop and maintain proper relationships with stakeholders. These interactions facilitate learning and growth, as different people possess different insights. Listening to all parties is crucial in terms of making the right decision especially when the issue touches on everyone.

In planning, the evaluation of all existing avenues is necessary. This is in reference to available opportunities and the courses I choose to pursue. By having a set career path, I can define what courses to study. After I have defined the courses, to pursue in relation to my career, I will be in a position to choose a mentor. The selection of a mentor depends on the qualities of the mentor. This is because I would like to nominate a person of sound character. Nominating a person of sound character is important given that I will be poised to emulate his or her qualities. I have to inculcate their culture in my life. Being an apprentice to someone who is at a level I admire in the career world: I have to observe, learn and emulate the principles that made him or her successful. This will become possible by internalizing, consolidating the skills, and assessing their impact on me.

With each passing day, like the Duke chief executive officer, I have to analyze if I am on the right track. Planning and following the set rules enables me remain focused on the right path. In addition, it aids me in developing competence coupled with proper skills.  By developing this, I can become a creative person with the ability to use my skills and become a team player. I have to develop proper feedback as per the questions asked. Formulating the required solutions is the first step to, the inclusion of competent skills to my career path. Having developed the right feedback mechanism, an inclusion of the required solution is a confirmation of my competent career skills.

Setting goals with time frames will allow me evaluate my progress. When all plans have a defined timeframe, an analysis and evaluation should follow suit. I have to review this plan for progress. This journal gave me the realization that attaining a real professional status requires dedication. I have to concentrate my energy on things that matter in order to become an achiever. By defining what is essential I have the liberty of focusing my energy on what builds my professional image. I have to adopt proper conduct in my day-to-day dealings. Practicing a proper code of conduct as a student makes the transition to the professional world easier.

I have to identify my expectations as a professional. This will enable me attain the said qualities.  By practicing self-control, I will be able to place the requirements of my tasks before my personal needs. Depending on my career path, I will articulate the professional ethics of my profession. This can only be achieved if I keep practicing over time. I have to deliver projects in a timely fashion. Simple qualities like honesty and exhibiting confidence can be developed with practice. I have to deliver and satisfy the customer at all times.

The initiative to inculcate proper ethics lies with me as an individual. It requires discipline, hard work and patience. I have to respect people’s beliefs, ideas, desires and contributions. This means that I have to identify my capabilities. This acts as a guide on the tasks I pursue.

The Quakers set an excellent example that should be emulated. I have realized that hard work brings rewards. Failure might be disappointing at first, but from it, we learn a lot. I have an idea of what not to do by studying the failures I make in life. I cannot achieve anything without diligence and perseverance. I have to understand the principles behind my profession and practice them consistently. It is only through hard work, perseverance and persistence that I can fully embody the life of a professional.

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