Sample essay on The Evolution of the Cellular Phone

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Technological advancements in the contemporary world have seen unprecedented growth and invention. One of these unique inventions is the cellular phone that has seen its integration into various aspects of human life today. Initially, this gadget was invented for the sole purpose of sending and receiving calls and text messages. Technology advancements have seen this gadget develop with revolutionary applications (Klemens, 2010). This essay evaluates and discusses the evolution of the cellular phone to into a multifunction appliance.

            The first conspicuous feature that makes cellular phones today a multifunctional gadget is their ability to access the internet.  These phones can browse the internet, stream and download videos and even facilitate the reading of e-books that can be downloaded by the same gadget. They can be applied in learning institutions since their ability to access the internet makes them tools for mass communication and even teaching and learning. They can provide a forum in which professors and teachers can communicate with their students during online classes and even after class hours.  

            Cellular phones are today fitted with a huge memory capacity which can be both internal and external. These features, together with its speakers and wireless technology that can enable external speakers to play, have made them popular in human spheres that rely exclusively on memory (Singh & Waddell, 2004). One can play movies and songs. Recording of picture and voices is also possible, meaning that they can be used in studios to record voice or by journalists during their field work.

            Extra external features like camera, sensors (touch sensors) and the ability to run a wide variety of applications from social media applications to gaming applications have revolutionized the popularity of this gadget(Maragons, Potamianos & Gros, 2008). You can take a picture by simply touching the screen of a portable phone, upload to the internet and play chess at the same time. This is a wonderful gadget to entertain you while you log onto your Gmail to send a job application request.

            In conclusion, the cellular phone has revolutionized the way modern day human beings communicate with one another. The world has become like a village where information is a just a momentous click away. This information is found on the internet where videos can be downloaded, watched and played. In order to facilitate this, portable memory devices are needed and the modern cellular phone offers such an option. Its features are wide and can be applied to any human sphere with relevance and success. 


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