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                     SAS Airlines is among the top rated entities that strive to ensure that it plays its part in the welfare of its employees, customers as well as the environment. The company has integrated the corporate social responsibility with its business operations and as such, the moral responsibility is part and parcel of the company operations. The moral responsibilities are clearly visible in the day to day running of the company that shows the efforts of the company to make life better for the employees and the services better to the customers. The society is also taken care of by the company that tries hard to avoid cases of environmental destruction. This essay outlines the CSR case for the company (SAS Group, 2012).

Customer satisfaction is among the key drivers for the company's desire to engage in activities that lead to better efficiencies in the customer handling. The company ensures that it has employed adequate staffs who are well trained. As such, the company ensures that customers are handled in the best way possible. Several initiatives are already in place to ensure that there are efficiencies in customer handling. Among them is an employee training and development. It could be taken to be an advantage to the employees, but the customer enjoys the improved services, not the trained employee. Training programs for both the new employees and the existing employees ensure that the customers are served in the best way possible. Among the things that the employees are trained is the personnel qualities required to deal with the customers. They include etiquette, politeness among many others (SAS Group, 2011).

Customer satisfaction is also ensured by the company as it offers the best quality services. This is evident when the company regularly services the aircraft to avoid any case of ineffectiveness in the service delivery to the customers. The aircraft maintenance ensures that the flights are safe and without any inconvenience. More so, old aircraft is replaced with new aircraft. Old aircrafts are less efficient and risky to fly as there would be proneness to malfunction and thus accidents. The company avoids such instances by ensuring that the old crafts are not in use (SAS Group, 2009). For example, an older craft called MD-80 was replaced by a new one; A320s.

Efforts to be the leaders in the environmental conservation are evident in the operations of SAS Airlines. The environmental conservation activities are visible from its headquarters to all other offices across the world. It conserves the environment by ensuring that pollutants are handled very carefully or by avoiding them altogether (SAS Group, 2012). In the year 2011, the company installed new solar power systems that are environmentally friendly. Some other related activities done that year aimed at conserving the environment include the following:

  • ØSolar power generation (3833 megawatt hour) from underground mounted as well as rooftop solar installations,
  • ØInstallation of solar thermal hot water system,
  • ØInstallation of two photovoltaic systems,
  • ØConstruction of eco-commuter parking for employees with environmentally friendly vehicles and
  • ØInstallation of energy efficient technologies that are environmentally friendly.

The company has, besides investing in environmental awareness programs, invested in other programs that promote the care for the environment. A good example is the "green buildings" that are constructed by the company for the employees as well as for the customers. The buildings are constructed such that they have very little impact on the environment (SAS Group, 2012). The buildings are supported by solar systems and water conservation structures as well as preconditioned air. Multipurpose systems such as the elevators that generate power during their movements are also put in place and reduce the usage of fossil fuels in the buildings. More so, the company ensures that a new technology that reduces emissions from the aircraft is used. It also replaces old craft with higher emissions with new ones with lower emissions. Waste management is also notable as the company recycles most of the electronics and batteries that when disposed off become environment polluters.

The employees are also not left behind, and they are provided with a conducive environment for working. It is good to note that SAS Airlines is one of among the highest ranked companies that look after their employees well. The company has a culture that holds that employees are the lifeline of the company's success and so, they should be handled in the best way possible. Several programs are put in place to cater for the needs of the employees. Among the programs is the talent management that seeks to develop leadership essentials and competencies (SAS Group, 2011). The program also works to enhance leadership fundamentals as well as expand the global career rollout.  It enhances research and development, technical support as well as information system division. As such, the company has managed to deliver a good number of leadership development workshops; 44 to more than 1000 participants. It has also delivered the program of management fundamentals to 135 US managers.

The employee engagements are also greatly enhanced. This is an effort to boost the interactions between the workers, as well as the communication and sharing of ideas and opinions. The employees are connected globally through an internal social network for which they are registered users. The firm has created an internal social network called "The Hub" that saw the employees register very eagerly within first 60 days (SAS Group, 2009). The company also commemorated its 35th anniversary with its employees. It makes the employees feel engaged and have a feeling being a part of the company. Recreational facilities are also provided for instance, the gym that is provided at very low rates.

The company's bottom line is in a way influenced by the level of the CSR practiced by the company (Davis & Blomstrom, 2004). When a company offers good services to the customers, it retains them and also attracts new customers. The image of the corporation is enhanced when it shows its efforts to address the challenges facing the community. SAS Airlines displays a very good corporate image through its efforts to conserve the environment. It shows that it is concerned about the challenges facing the society and so, customers will remain loyal to the company. Customer loyalty is a crucial factor for the success of the company. More so, employees are the people who run the business and so, the success of the company also relies heavily on the efficiency of the employees. SAS employees have all the reasons to be efficient because they are treated well enough to deliver efficiently. Through talent management, the employees can improve their performances. Therefore, the company's earnings will increase as a result of the improved performance and the increased customer base.

The company has very good policies regarding its employees and the customers as well as the environment. The company wants to achieve the best possible working conditions for its workers and the best services possible for customers. Even though the company has managed to treat its employees in the best way it could, there is some areas in the treatment of employees that need to be looked at; rewarding of the hardworking employees and employee motivation. There are employees in any company who offer the best to the company. Such employees need to be motivated through various financial, as well as non-financial incentives (SAS Group, 2009). The customers as well, apart from better services, may require to be provided with more recreational, as well as entertainment services. Other services like online booking should be enhanced to ensure that the passengers do not waste time in the queues. Accommodation for customers who may require it should be offered. As for the environment, noise pollution from the planes as a bit forgotten and it should be looked at and reduced.

In conclusion, SAS Airlines has indeed tried to engage as much it could in corporate social responsibility. It has displayed its moral responsibility through its treatment of customers, employees as well as the environment. As such, the company becomes a competitive one in modern business world that requires that companies engage in such things in order to create a good image for themselves (Castle, 2008). It is a good corporate image that will attract customers as well as qualified employees thus guaranteeing the company success.


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