Sample essay on The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America

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Nations come into reality in many ways. These ways may include Military rebellion, acts of heroism, civil strife or acts of treachery. All of these occurrences have marked the genesis of nations. The birth of America has included all of these ways. American birth was not ordinary, not just in the immensity of impact on the world history and democracy, but also because many factors of the American history go back through time to arrive together in one document: the Declaration of Independence.

            There is every reason to support this document by Thomas Jefferson. The document explains why American states must declare their independence, and challenges posed by the Great Britain. The American states have had a strong political bond, but colonialists have been on their neck. Despite a spirited effort on the part of the Americans to acquire their independence, the Great Britain has been adamant. Thomas Jefferson and others had been fighting to ensure the united States attain its independence.

            The document asserts that all humans are created equally and that individuals have certain unalienable rights, which include the right to liberty, life, and the pursuit of happy lives (Jefferson 2). This statement is a fact. Every person that lives needs to enjoy rights that other people enjoy. Despite people’s culture, color, creed, religion and region of living, every person qualifies to be treated as a human being. This is what America stands. The America constitution guarantees justice to every person, irrespective of one’s station in life or gender. The American society values human rights and the justice system will do everything to ensure that the rights of individuals are protected.

            The document asserts that ‘… whenever…of Government becomes destructive…it is…Right of the electorates (People) to change it…to start new Government…’ (Jefferson 2). This statement was referring to democracy. Democracy is the situation where people have the mandate to elect their own government of choice. The government is elected via the ballot and is fired by the same people if it is not performing according to the expectation of the people. The American government is elected after a competitive process. Two candidates face each other at the ballot, the person who commands the majority in the Electoral College votes is the victor.

            The document explains that it is the role of the people to throw away any government that fails to meet its mandate (Jefferson 2). In every election, the electorates have a certain expectation from the government they elect. If the government fails to meet those expectations, then it has no business to transact government affairs. I concur with this stand as this is what democracy is all about. Democracy, as enshrined in the constitution of America, vests the powers to elect the government on the people. Every mature person has a right to vote or vie for any competitive seat.

            Jefferson put it that the history of the King of Great Britain was one of repeated injuries (Jefferson 2). During that period, the Great Britain was the main colonizer and was ruling with an iron fist. The Great Britain had stamped its authority in most nations in the world. The idea of Britain to rule the whole world did not augur well with many nations. America was tired of being under the leadership of the Great Britain, and wanted to set itself free from colonialism. In modern days, America always speaks against any form of oppression to the people. America being a superpower will stamp its authority and fight any authority that oppresses its people.

            The document asserts that the United States in every stage of their oppressions, it has been petitioning for redress in a humble way (Jefferson 4). The American people have been yearning to get their independence. The leadership of the American states has been willing to negotiate with the Great Britain. On the other hand, the Great Britain appeared not willing to cede America. The humble request of America to Britain to have negotiations on the way forward faced a myriad of challenges as Great Britain was not willing. The states of America became more united than never before to agitate for their independence.

            From time to time, the Great Britain legislature was extending its unwanted jurisdiction on the American land (Jefferson 5). This infuriated the Americans who wanted nothing to do with that extension. In what could cause more resistance from the colonized, the Great Britain wanted to do all within its power to benefit from the United States. Jefferson was highlighting some of the challenges that America underwent in its process of gaining independence. It was not a walk in the park for the Americans to declare their independence as some of the states appeared to collaborate with the Great Britain.

            Without the efforts of Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence, may be the American Revolution would not have been there. The declaration of independence helped to announce liberty’s universal principles. The document played a critical role towards the attainment of the America’s independence.


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