Sample essay on Spiritual Experience of an Influential Person

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            In a Christian journey, some people play a critical role in influencing other people spiritually. The people that offer advice and counsel to others have had a stable relationship with God for a long time. These people will help other Christians follow the same route. The pastor of the local Methodist church Paul Smith has been instrumental in the process of my spiritual development.

            Paul Smith has had a long journey in the spiritual journey. Pastor Smith received Christ in 1960 while still a young person. From that time, he has never looked back. Smith joined a theology college where he obtained a diploma in theology. He then joined a full time ministry preaching in different parts of the United States of America. In the last 6 years, he has been the senior pastor in the local Methodist church.

            Pastor Paul Smith is a friendly person who is easily accessible by members of the church. In order to make it easy for the pastor to conduct his pastoral duties, the church has allowed him to live within the church compound. I have been visiting the pastor quite frequently to seek advice concerning many spiritual matters. I must admit that he has been very helpful to me. He has managed to teach me on various topics that I did not know. His continuous support and counsel has helped me develop spiritually, and reach heights I never imagined.

            Pastor Paul Smith has had so many experiences in his Christian walk. The pastor asserts that the presence and manifestation of God in his personal life has been evident. Smith says that God is a very faithful being, and a close friend to those who are willing to have a close personal relationship with him (Edwards 12). Quoting the Bible, Smith says that God is always faithful to what he does (Psalms 33:4). Smith admits that Christian is not just a religion, but also a relationship with God. According to him, this religion is the only one that preaches love as the main commandment. Smith says that he does not believe Christianity is about laws, but about love and Grace.

            Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen have helped Pastor Smith in his spiritual development.  Meyer and Osteen’s TV programs have inspired Pastor Smith in his Christian development. For many years, Smith has been glued to these programs and reading these great preachers’ book. Some of these books are ‘God is Not Mad at You’, ‘Wonderfully Made’, ‘The Gift Book’ (Joyce Meyer), and ‘Its Your Time’, ‘I Declare’, ‘Become a Better You’, and ‘Your Best Life Now ‘(Joel Osteen). These programs and books have played a big role in the spiritual development of Pastor Smith.

            Just like many other people both Christian and non-Christians, Pastor Paul Smith have some core beliefs. Smith beliefs that every person is important since each person have God-given talents that can change the life of that person. Smith scoffs at the people who despise other people due to their circumstances. Just as God changed the lives of Ruth and Esther, Pastor Smith believes that God is ready to change everybody’s life for good. Smith also believes that God still performs miracles even today. Some people believe that God no longer performs signs and wonders (Krejcir 10). Smith does not agree with this assertion. Smith says that God is the same Yesterday, Today and forever. What God did many years ago, He can still do them today.

            Smith says that Jesus Christ is the most important thing in his life. He counts everything else as vanity since they are not eternal, but just temporal. Smith advises people not to be carried away by material possessions while disregarding Jesus Christ in their lives. He says that the best life a person can live is to recognize Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Quoting the scriptures, Smith asserts that one should seek the Kingdom of God and other things will be added unto them. Concerning what gives meaning to Smith’s life, he says that helping others to achieve their spiritual goals means a lot to him. Realizing that he has played a critical role in helping people improve their lives, Smith says that he lives each day hoping to impact people’s lives. For a long time now, Smith has mentored very many young people as they strive to achieve their goals.

            Smith says that since he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, he has had a good relationship with him. He says that Jesus has always guided him on what to do when experienced with life dilemmas. Smith encourages people to share their needs with God so that they can receive the much-needed help. He acknowledges that prayer is one of the strongest weapons that Christians can use in their lives. According to Smith, prayer should not be a one-time. He believes that prayer should be a life style. Smith does not have any apology of being a Christian. In his own words, life without Christ is not a full life.



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