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       What is a rookie manager supposed to do when faced with new responsibilities and need to make fast decisions? The book ‘The First-Time Manager’ is the answer to first time managers. The book provides bottom-line wisdom needed by new managers in order for them to be successful. This book covers critical topics that include hiring and firing, motivation, leadership, dealing with superiors, managing time, and much more. ‘The First-Time Manager’ is the ultimate guide for managers starting their career in management. The book is packed with usable insight on many issues from building a work team environment to doing performance appraisals. The fifth edition which is updated and expanded provides readers the important information they may need on all the elements of the job. The new topics include building trust and confidence, being an active listener, motivating other people, managing a diverse class of individuals, performance appraisals, and more. The book is penned in a style that is inviting and accessible. The book is expressed in a conversational and engaging style.

            The main aim of this book is to help new managers cope with their new responsibilities and eventually become successful in their managerial roles. This book believes that any new manager can be successful if he/she follows the opinion expressed in this book. The book believes that a new manager needs to know how to manage time and stress (Belker & Gary 26). The new manager must lead from the front by ensuring that employees are conscious of time. The new manager must ensure that employees’ working hours are well stipulated. Stress can easily reduce the productivity of employees if not managed in the right manner. A manager needs to ensure that employees are not put into much stress due to increased workload. This book suggests that managers need to be good team players for them to work well with their juniors. The manager must work alongside employees motivating them in the process (Belker & Gary 98).

            The writers of the book believe that any new manager can succeed if they have a good plan. The new manager must ensure that all systems are working, and he/she relates well with employees. A good manager must be able to listen to their juniors. Listening is a crucial skill needed by all managers. The manager will understand the issues that employees face and decide the way forward to solve those issues when he/she listens to them. There is also a need for a manager to ensure that employees receive the much needed motivation. Motivation if well done, will improve the productivity of employees to a huge scale. Performance appraisal is also critical in a company or business.  A manager must conduct performance appraisal to ensure that employees play their roles in the expected manner. Performance appraisal helps to weed out under performance which may have a negative impact to the company in the future.

            I totally agree with this book since it is a classic skill-building book. It is more than ever an important tool for a person starting a career in management. The book offers critical information that new managers will require as they start their managerial roles. This book covers the topic managing time and stress in a very clear and powerful way. Managing time is important for any organization or company. Time is an important resource that one must not waste. A good manager must ensure that there is proper time management at the work place. The book covers this topic in a professional manner that new managers can grasp very easily. Stress is another issue that affects many employees in workplace. Stress can easily affect the performance of employees if not managed. A good manager must be in a position to ensure that his/her juniors working conditions are good. Good working conditions reduce stress on the part of employees. From time to time, a manager need to organize for trainings geared towards eliminating stress on the part of employees.

            A good manager needs to be an active listener and a motivator. The book covers this topic very well. I totally concur with the writers of this book that managers must be good listeners. Listening offers managers opportunity to understand their employees. A good manager must understand the needs and views of his/her juniors. In many circumstances, employees may provide critical information that may help a company or an organization. Some employees possess great skills and knowledge that will be beneficial to the company. Motivation helps employees to perform their roles in the right manner. Motivation increases employees’ morale leading to increased productivity (Belker & Gary 38). A manager can motivate employees through good pays and words of mouth. Motivation is a critical factor that ensures employees perform to their best. Researches indicate that employees who get motivation work harder to realize the goals and objectives of a company or organization. The book ‘The First -Time Manager’ is a book that managers must grasp in order to obtain the knowledge provided by the book.

            This book by Belker and Gary covers many issues in the book written by Kinicki Williams. The two books cover the topic management in a professional manner. The heart of the two books is how managers need to conduct themselves in order to ensure that they are successful. The two covers the issues of principles of a good manager. A good manager needs to have various skills for him/her to succeed. Some of the skills include good listening skills, motivational skills, and also a good critical thinker. Critical thinking ensures that a manager is in a position to solve problems that arise. Management may be a difficult task for the faint-hearted, but for the strong willed persons, management will run smoothly. In some instances, a manager has to make very difficult decisions that will help propel the company forward.   

            I strongly recommend this management book to others. The book covers many topics that are essential for managers who have been in the industry, and new managers. A manager needs various skills to go forward. A manager has to access information that will help him/her to conduct his managerial roles in a professional manner. A good manager must be able to listen and motivate his/her juniors. This book offers the right information to such managers. This book can change the management styles of different players. One will have to read the book carefully and obtain the information therein. The information in the book can change a failure story in management into a success story. Every person who is interested in topics concerning management needs to acquire this book. 

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