Sample essay on The Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean reflection paper

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            ‘Perspectives on Globalization’ is the tenth chapter of the book The Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean. The chapter has about six sub-topics that talk about different topics. The topics are Globalization; Tourism; Crafts, and Cultural Authenticity; Transnational Production and Labor; Global Interests and the Environment; Controversies: Global Interests and Ethnographic Representations in the Amazon and In the United States: Domestic Workers in the Midst of Affluence.

            Globalization refers to the process of international integration that arises from the interchange of views, ideas, products, and other culture aspects. The major factors in globalization are the internet, and transportation and communication infrastructure. The book identifies that globalization has made the world a small village (Sanabria 281). The declaration is very true since with globalization, communication is very fast. The internet has permitted a fast and reliable means of communication. Globalization has led to political, economic and social integration between people and countries.

            In many countries, globalization has led to improved tourism. Different countries rely on tourism as the main source of revenue. The book mentions that a country’s unique natural resources decide the vibrancy of the tourism sector. The tourism sector contributes to the national revenue kitty of countries. It is very true to argue that globalization has played a very critical role to ensure that tourism sector is improved (Sanabria 295). Different countries have different cultures. A country’s culture makes it unique from other countries. A country has to maintain its cultural authenticity in order to attract tourists. The internet has given room for tourists to get information concerning areas they are to visit. A person leaving in London can easily get information on the internet concerning a tourist attraction place in Africa.

            The book offers enough information on transnational production and labor. Globalization has permitted transnational production and export of labor. It is now possible to produce a product in one country and export it to another country. The rise of multinational organizations is highly attributed to globalization (Sanabria 298). A company can have various production points in different countries and managed from one center. I totally agree with the book that transfer of labor has been made easier. A person can move from one continent to another to seek for employment. It is also very possible for a person too work over the internet. Freelance employment is now a common phenomenal around the world. Globalization has allowed labor to be more flexible. It is very possible to work from one place to another due to globalization. In modern days, a person can move from one country to another while working.

            The other sub-topic that the chapter covers is global interests and the environment. Globalization leads to a great interest in the affairs of the world. Many people have developed increased interests concerning various issues of the world. An incidence happening in one part of the world can attract interest from other parts of the world. An issue happening in Africa can affect the lifestyle of people living in Europe. Environmental issues have attracted concern of many people and organizations around the world. Countries have organized meetings to strategize on how to conserve the environment. The book observes that environment is a top issue of concern globally (Sanabria 305). The improved infrastructure in communication has led to increased sensitization on the importance of protecting the environment.

            In the United States, domestic workers work in the midst of affluence. The US is one of the richest countries in the world. It, therefore, implies that many citizens of the country are well-off. Working in rich families can be challenging since they are many expectations from that family that the domestic workers may not meet (Sanabria 307). The domestic workers may also receive good packages that will help improve their living standards. The national laws are very clear on how domestic workers should be treated. There is a need for bosses to ensure that they provide a good working environment for their employees.  

            The book covers many issues about globalization and issues that pertain to it. Globalization gives room for people to meet, do business and communicate effectively. In an ever-changing world, the internet has led to the availability of enough information that people can use to develop themselves. Countries and people can easily relate to each other on need basis. It is easy very easy to trade and exchange information courtesy of globalization. Countries are forming economic blocks to facilitate trade and easy movement of tourists. Globalization is one good thing that has ever happened to the world.   

            With improvements in communication and transportation, international businesses have grown rapidly. International business involves commercial transactions that take place in regions, countries and amongst people. The international diversification has a link with firm innovation and performance. The business transactions engage economic resources including capital, human and natural resources used for production of goods and services. The trends in globalization make it easy for businesses to do well.              

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