Sample C Cleaner Essay

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System optimization for computers is mainly composed of two key components; the hardware component and the operating system performance. The key objective for optimized systems is to increase the overall processing and the response speed. Optimizing the performance of the hardware component usually involves changing the Basic Input/Output system (BIOS) settings. These settings control the way the chipset is performing. The operating system section governs the flow of computer instructions in the form of programs. As a way to improve the overall performance of the operating systems, certain programs have been developed. An example of such a program is the C Cleaner. This essay will evaluate the performance of this software from a practical point of view.

C cleaner is a system optimizing software that is developed by the Piriform software development company. The software is used to clean or remove unwanted or potentially unwanted files that are usually left by certain programs. Such programs are mainly composed of web browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers. They can also be constituted by other non-browser programs such as Microsoft office, Windows Media Player and Nero. Most of these temporally and potentially unused files include; browser's browsing history, Memory dumps, Cookies, Recycle bin, Auto-complete form history, log files, files fragments and system caches (Piriform, 2011).

In addition to cleaning the temporal and unused program files, this software allows for registry file's cleaning. This service involves locating and correcting Windows registry problems such as missing references to application paths, missing references to shared dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and unused registration entries for file extensions. The software can be employed to clean the Master File Table or the whole storage drive itself. It also allows users to erase system restore points. Unnecessary restore points usually result to long time delays for the startup program. Un-installing certain programs files from computers can be time consuming. This software allows for faster uninstalling of persistent programs resulting to a faster system performance. Similar to the MsConfig resource for Microsoft windows, this software can be employed to disable or alter startup programs to optimize the performances of specific programs according to the user's preferences (Piriform, 2011).

From a practical approach on running the software, I realized that the performance optimizing software can be of considerable importance particularly to individuals running software programs based on trial periods. For some time, my experiences for editing movies were not appealing. Most of the software used for movie editing ware trial versions that left a lot of unused files during the time of un-installation. After a short while, I realized that there were extremely many unneeded files in the registry that slowed down my computer. The program gave rise to 200 odd registry issues that slowed down the system performance. These files were left by the previous trial period based software from different programs. After a successful installation of the C cleaner software, my computer running on window's platform was remarkably fast. A movie editing task that involved 3 hours was possible within 2 hours (Piriform, 2011).

Installing the C Cleaner software was easy. It took less than 2 minutes and the increased system performance, in terms of speed was soon realized. Of a particular importance, the software increases the browsing speeds to astounding levels. It is fast and light, thus can be employed to a variety of computers. However, the software requires regular updates to function optimally. The developers of the product have also added features such as regular scanning of hardware and software related errors in the latest version release (Piriform, 2011).

Apart from using the C Cleaner software, other performance optimizing alternatives are available. For instance, one should always practice running up a disk error clean up at least once a week. Such disk errors usually results from instances of power outages. These situations lead to the crush of some programs causing disk errors and hence slowing down the CPU's performance. Some of these utilities are incorporated within the Windows operating system; thus there is no need of buying them. Such a program is the Check Disk program that allows error identification and cleaning ensuring a smooth run of the system.

Deleting temporal files is also supported in Windows operating system. Temporally files are mainly from web pages and from running programs such as Microsoft Office program. Windows Disk Clean Up Tool is used to wipe out these unwanted files that slow down computer performance. Another utility that can be employed involves optimization of data. This works well for fragmented files that are as a result of the breakup of files to increases access and retrieval speed. Fragmented files lead to slowed system's performance as the operating system has to look for a file in all file parts. A disk defragmenter program incorporated on the Windows platform can help to fix this problem. This program allows the placement of all file parts together for easier access. This should be done at least twice per month to improve the overall computer's performance. Other practices such as reducing the web history, removal of spyware and viruses, windows update automation and not saving encrypted web pages can improve computer's performance to a great deal.


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