Sample essay on Goals of War on Drug

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Goals of war on drug

The essay constitutes a summary of the goals of the criminal justice system that the war on drugs policy attempts to achieve. The first goal involves, stopping the use of drugs before it starts. This is designed to be achieved through proper education and community action. The major aim of this goal is to reduce the drug use to the already abusers and deter potential drug users from indulging in the practice. The goal is particularly directed to the youths aiming to reduce illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol consumption. The country is doing this through the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign that advocates for community based coalitions and State-level prescription drug monitoring programs. This goal is also designed to be achieved through massive advertisement campaigns against drug use and student drug testing (Siegel, 2011).

The second goal involves treatment or healing of the already abusers. This involves setting up of rehabilitation institutions and positive life methodologies to rehabilitate addicts drug abusers. The rehabilitation methodology is supposed also to provide opportunities for treatment through easily accessible and affordable treatment resources (Siegel, 2011). The next goal pertains to destruction of drug markets with the objective of reducing its supply to the country. This is usually achieved through termination of domestic and foreign drug source supplies, and shielding the citizens from illegal drug exposure. This reduction necessitates strict guidelines governing the movement of people and products from and within the country borders (border control through arrests and seizures). This also includes mechanisms of reducing drug related economic view through discouraged trading, markets and drug crop eradication. Next, there is the goal to increase the safety of the country's citizens through a considerable diminution of drug related crimes and violence. With this move, considerable events of violent drug activities are expected to reduce (Walsh, 2009).


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