Custom Abortion Essay Sample

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Abortion is the intentional termination of fetus or embryo after conception. This act allows women to put to an end to their pregnancies ,This act is wrong as it involves the killing of the undeveloped embryo or fetus .Due to this view this subject has thrown controversy in society more so in the political arena .Those who support abortion rights argue that the embryo or fetus is not a person .But to me I consider abortion as a wrong act because the embryo or the fetus is a person ,hence the relevant authorities should ban abortion until until it is proved that the embryo or the fetus is not a person. So is abortion good?

Key definition

Fetus-In human beings means the unborn young from the end of eighth week after conception to the moment of birth.

Embryo-The early stages of development of an organism, especially before it reached a distinctively recognizable form.

Thesis: Abortion is wrong and should be banned as it undermines human dignity. Abortion is wrong because of the various reasons I am going to state .First and for almost abortion goes against someone's person to live .According to the bible life starts at conception hence by carrying out abortion is considered as murder as it denies the unborn living the right to live .Those who belief that abortion is ethical .It is wrong as this leads to the dead end.

Abortion has many side effects .Let me start with the psychological effects of abortion .Research has shown that there are many emotional aspects that can hamper the psychological well being of the women who undergo abortion. These effects include guilty feelings, anxiety, loss, anger, suicide and even depressions. Post abortion conseques keep on haunting the mother in his lifetime and this can lead to the change of mother's life after abortion.

In addition abortion has got physiological effects. There are serious problems that may arise from an an abortion .Many complications that result from abortion are infertility, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and even breast cancer.This complications can cause the suffering of the mother later in life and even fail to conceive again totally. Now let us look for each case separately. The staggering amount of miscarriages that result because of former abortions. Early studies on the physical complications of abortion were once thought to be scare tactics, but because of recent studies, there has been a discovery of real danger to the the miscarriage can deny the mother a child later in life as the womb of the mother would not be able to carry a child to nine months maturity state.

Abortion can lead to lead to ectopic pregnancies, because of the surgery there is a risk of damaging the nearby organs like the ovaries, but due to the nature of this part of the body there can be serious side effects to the to the reproductive future of the woman or the mother. In this case the baby grows in the fallopian tube, causing a serious risk to the mother and even certain death to the baby. Those women have their first pregnancy terminated have a five times chance of having an ectopic pregnancy. The question of infertility can also arise from abortion and a woman may fail to deliver again later in life.

Abortion can result in breast cancer there is a link that that has been found recently between the termination of first pregnancy and developing breast cancer later in life. Also when a woman carries out an abortion his tissues are left in a dangerously stimulated and undiffentiated state and this might increase the risk of breast cancer among women under the age of fourth five years who had induced abortion. Abortion can lead to one seen as an outcast in the community she is viewed as a killer and a don't care of the importance of human life

Abortion is a subject of controversy because it has let to division of people into two groups .The first group are those who support it and the second group are those who are against. Those who support argue that it is done save the life of the mother in case of of pregnancy this is allowed in some complicated situations when when the life of the life of the mother is endangered especially when one one has an ectopic pregnancy. Those who are against abortion are actually human rights .I support this people because it is wrong to terminate somebody's before conception as it denies one right to live .Up to now this subject remains controversial as it is still a question that between the life of the mother and the fetus which is more imp

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