Free sample paper on The Person who has had a Significant Influence on me

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The person who has had a significant influence on me is Barack Hussein Obama, the president of the United States of America. His success in the 2008 election has had a positive impact in my life. It also has been of great influence to many individuals. He has greatly inspired me. His life's journey from a single-parent household in Hawaii to an Ivy League education and then on to politics provides an interesting and inspiring story. The success of Barack Obama in the realm of politics has opened my eyes towards greater achievements. I have, since then, had a keen interest in political and social issues regarding the young people. It has also had a positive effect on self-awareness and my perceptions of the future possibilities and self-expression. It has taught me that, with determination and ambitions, one can achieve a lot in life regardless of his race, financial situation, and other challenges.

Ambitious individuals need to possess leadership qualities and intelligent abilities required to fulfill their goals (Shivapremananda, 1998). President Obama was indeed ambitious. He came from a single-parent family to be the president of the world's largest super-power! This is an all-time achievement which has motivational impact on many people, especially me. He has taught me the value of being ambitious. I have since taken on an interest in leadership roles in my society. This has enabled me to be attentive to the atrocities committed to members of the society. I even organized a forum for the youths within my community to discuss issues affecting them and seek possible solutions to such societal problems.

Barack Obama's campaign slogan "yes we can" enhanced my desire to achieve in life. It gave me the motivation needed to succeed in my every endeavor. It gave me the encouragement to make it through in life and be somebody. It inspired me to focus my goals and ambitions towards higher heights. It has had an effect on my perceptions regarding challenges. I am now not afraid to face challenges. Life is richer because we learn through our failures and troubles (Horner, 2008). Success comes from failure (Smith, 2004). I can now face challenges with confidence, and if I fail, I encourage myself to try again because I believe I can.

Barack Obama has the ambition to change the world. In many of the speeches that he gave, he always encouraged the masses to change their behaviors in regard to facilitating a safer and cleaner environment. His ideologies and philosophies are agreeable to the expected morals of society. His concern for the environment is focused by the threat of global warming. Global warming is among the myriad threats caused by environmental degradation and climate change (Buckley, 2011). His quest to make the world a better place to live in, not just for us but also for our future generations, has made me alter my ways for the greater good. I believe that environmental degradation is a threat to our survival. We are destroying the world through our hazardous behavior such as pollution. Barack Obama opened my eyes to the fact that we should change our ways to ensure our survival. I nowadays do not pollute the environment. I have taken the responsibility of ensuring that my immediate environment is clean and free from pollution.

Barack Obama has been such an inspiration to me. His influence has had a positive impact on my life. I see Barack Obama as a caring person. Ambitions come with confidence. His influence has made an ambitious person out of me. I am now confident than I was before. I can face any challenge that comes my way. I have taken on a keen interest in societal and environmental issues. I would like to develop his confidence, reliability and consistence in succeeding in all my objectives and ambitions. Barack Hussein Obama has indeed had a significant influence in my life.


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