Non Profit Organization free sample essay

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Non-profit organizations are private or governmental institutions, which are non-profit, oriented but rather focus on social goals and objectives. In order to improve their performance, they have an obligation to increase their organizational capacity (Weiss, 2005). It is necessary for an organization to determine areas of need, and work towards developing methods of satisfying them. Although the main aim is not to make a profit, it should have business like procedures and lay out. Prior to realizing a product or service, conducting a market survey is crucial for determination demand level. This survey should evaluate the needs of the targeted group; understand the audience and possibilities of an alternative product. Information about the targeted community and other similar organizations in the areas is essential in order to understand the community needs. Organization self-assessment should be encouraged for it to realize capacity strength and shortcomings and eventually implement outlined goals. For instance, Marguerite Casey Foundation, a non-profit private foundation, funds, advices and advocates for community organizing (Weiss, 2005). It helps non-profit organization in developing goals through evaluating their capabilities and analyzing their growth over a specified period.

The following four pillars determine organization needs: leadership, adaptive, management and operational capabilities. Other essential factors that need consideration include assessment, fund raising, advertising, interactions and cultural competency.

A team of experts, upon obtaining organizational needs should meet and develop goals and objectives. This will assist in satisfying the need of the targeted group (Weiss, 2005). Putting in place workable methods of implementing those goals and objectives is essential. Timely review is crucial in monitoring the achievement of those goals and corrective action taken in case of deviation from the set standards. In addition, marketing and advertisement is necessary for continues improvement and expansion.


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