Free sample essay on Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud is renowned for outstanding contributions in the fields of behavioral science and personality theory. Because Freud was born in Austria to Jewish parents, he was unable to get the same opportunities as other Austrian children. However, this did not stop him from achieving his goals and by the time he passed away he had discovered several psychological processes such as resistance, infantile sexuality, transference, and repression. He also developed a procedure for analyzing and treating neurological problems.

Freud might have explained the tendency of certain students to sabotage their achievement through the concept of resistance. According to Freud, resistance occurs when subconscious processes conspire to force a person to act in a certain way. It is hard for the individual to know the about the existence of these subconscious processes because they have been repressed. Repression occurs during traumatic events that are contrary to a person's feelings. The underlying premise of this theory is that individuals react emotionally to changes in the outside environment. According to Freud, a certain degree of repression is necessary in life. However, in certain circumstances, repression does not always result in a pleasant outcome.

The failure of students to finish their assignments on time or to put in the right amount of effort to achieve a particular grade can be explained using repression. It is possible that such students have repressed feelings within them that are causing them to react negatively toward education. These feelings are the result of a traumatizing event that occurred while the student was still young and because of wish to repress these feelings, the student will be unable to relate that event with his refusal to work hard in school.