Custom free online essay on Violence in America

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Each year, a large number of people lose their lives to violence. With an individual dying as a result of violence, many more are suffering from a range of problems. The abuse may be physically, sexually and psychologically. There are effects also, on their reproductive and mental health. Violence places a massive burden on national economies and costs countries billions of money every year in health care, law enforcement and lost productivity.

America suffers from an epidemic of violence and crime of its citizens towards one another. Every hour a murder occurs, every five minutes a rape happens, with cases of theft happening every second. This phenomenon occurs as a result of a number of factors. The crucial factors are domestic violence, parents failure to fulfill their duties towards their children, bullying in schools and influence from the media. As a result of witnessing abuse, children often suffer low self-esteem, depression, feel powerless and have a problem controlling their impulse. They are most likely to indulge in high risk behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse, and irresponsible sexual behaviors. Also, they tend to live in isolation and fear and are suicidal. As these children grow up, they are often prone to engaging in acts of violence. There are a number of processes by which media violence may turn into violent crime. As children view televisions and movies, they slowly get programmed to violence through what they view. Their parents may not even realize it. Also, violent video games, for example, shooting games introduce children to weapons and violence. A young child seeing someone shot, beaten or any other violent act on the screen cannot differentiate it with a real act of violence. Therefore, not able to establish the difference they accept violence as a way of life. These children get used death and destruction. They have lived and experienced a war scenario. A lot of attention has also been directed lately towards bullying which is a crime mostly affecting school going children. The society must accept that children get bullied due to adults having failed in their responsibility towards children. Slowly and reluctantly they start to exhibit aggressive behavior. He or she feels that there is no other way to survive in this bullying-entrenched climate.

Fire arms readily available and essay to access play a significant role in fuelling violence in America. Dangerous individuals can easily get their hands on guns due to the lax the federal gun and the state laws. With a large number of guns in civilian hands, risks of homicide, suicide, and unintentional shootings have a high likelihood of occurring. The economic impact of violence in America is substantial. There is a lot spent on medical costs for hospital care, rehabilitation and other forms of therapy. Much of the cost is for uninsured care and thus the taxpayers have to carry the burden. As a result of violence, those killed or disabled as a result of violence suffer significant losses in terms of wages and their potential to make a living. Costs to families both social and economical that have lost their loved or those disabled are enormous. An epidemic proportion of violence in America today is changing the way the citizen live. Violence occurring around them impacts on their lifestyle. The way they act, talk and even think. Fearing that on their way to school or while there something dreadful might happen to the children. Parents too due to the horrible events happening fail to send their children to school. Violence thus impacts on education negatively. People always live in fear of rape, getting robbed or even murdered.