Free sample essay on My Entry into Women 's and Gender Studies Program

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Women and gender rights are significantly serious issues of today 's modern world which are unfortunately being undermined and subjected to various forms of inequality manifestations . It is a sad reality that women have to face and endure discrimination in to survive and overcome the challenges of the contemporary society . Whatever the specific reasons behind the violation of women and gender rights , it is a practice that needs to be addressed and eventually stopped . This is for the reason that such manner of

social inequality , inflicted against or which is to the detrimental of women and gender privileges , should cease to exist . In fact , there is a need to uphold the innate rights and privileges of women , regardless of their race , social class and other characteristics . Additionally , it is essential to present a clear position that today 's women are and professional abilities as well as physical and intellectual strengths . These cited positions are the factors attributing to my earnest desire to continue my studies , particularly to enter the Women 's and Gender Studies Program at the University of Memphis . This is because I believe that through additional or advance studies about women and gender rights that such issues are continued to be promoted and protected

Entering the master 's program at the University of Memphis is a personal choice for the reason that the nature or content and characteristics of the curriculum offer a comprehensive array of courses that best suit my personality and dedication to fight for the rights of women . In particular , concentrating on the University 's Inequality and Social Policy Program as well as having a minor course in Women Studies primarily serve the general purpose of defending women 's rights as well as my own struggle against women and gender-related offenses . Through these study efforts , I can join the collective fight against women and gender inequalities within the society as well as overcome my personal restriction of being a woman of minority . Ultimately , this kind of study program , specifically offered in an educational facility such as the University of Memphis , leads to a realization of the need to support and protect women and gender-related concerns

My conviction in pursuing or continuing my studies and specifically in entering the Women 's and Gender Studies Program at the University of Memphis is attributed to the fact that I am a woman-member of the minority . While I believe that there is nothing wrong with being a minority since I am proud of my race , the realities of life led me to experience cruelties within the society where I belong . This is because I am constantly undermined which inevitably makes me succumb to frustrations and emotional pains . These demoralizations include the way people look at me wherein I am perceived as if not as a worthy woman or individual but only as a foreign entity in this country which I now embraces and adores


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