Free Racism and Sexism essay

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Introduction: Racism and sexism

Social and economic status, family life and the contributions of the black community in America have all suffered under racism and sexism. Racism to be specific has had the greatest disabling effects towards the status and also the progress of the black community. Blacks have for a long time had to cope with problems that date back to slavery, continuing emasculation of black males, and also unique problems such as childrearing. Myths about black communities and economic racism have adversely affected the quality of life that blacks are able to provide for their families (Bell & Blumenfeld, 1995).

Educational limitations especially for black females and inadequate recognition towards the black race especially in times of slavery have greatly hindered social equality.

Improving of educational status has not helped in ensuring social mobility. Racism and sexism issues thus continue to affect individuals up to today although these issues are less prevalent and equality is somehow being accepted as a way of life (Witten, 2007).The success of individuals in America such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey thus dies not necessarily suggest that issues of racism and sexism are no longer vital as they once were in America.

In other words, just because the current president of America is Barack Obama who was able to come out stronger than Hillary Clinton during democratic nominations in the 2008 election doesn't necessarily mean that racism has taken a back seat to sexism in the American politics. Voter preferences may have been due to perceived differences on candidate's positions. Voter preference may also have been as a result of how each candidate was able to use their identity. On the other hand, Obama was able to emphasizing on how his experiences as an African American had given him a more universal insight on solidarity and unity that applies across race.

We can't say that one approach is right or wrong or better than another but merely different perceptions on their marginalized identities not only different identities between these two. Racism is clearly not good if we look at the past and denial of its existence in America is probably extremely detrimental even if Obama is black and there are some blacks who are very wealthy. We should be celebrating different cultures, nations, sexes and races. Celebrating America's diversity is very important because it allows everyone to feel worthy, rather than trying to debate which group is the best or worst.


Prejudice in general is extremely hard to tackle because even in cases of a baby born in a prejudiced society, the baby once at an age to observe and socialize will learns through observations that are real; the baby will be able to notice certain aspects in the society such as wealth and race. The babies' perspective and perception is real and enrooted deep inside the babies mind. If you tell such a baby that their observations are incorrect and to adopt different viewpoints which negate actual observation, you are asking the child, young adult or even adult humans to disregard the reality they see.


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