Free sample essay on Apartheid

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Apartheid has been there even before modern civilization.    Cave age people needed herdsmanship for security.
To feel different or apart from others and has been  there intrinsically with development.
That “I am not like others” and therefore  be different is the hallmark of division of society into different groups of social strata.
Rampur is a northern hamlet. Dubey was the “lord” of Rampur, his ancestors were the owner of these groups of villages and known as the “Zamindar”(landlord)  and his writ was the law of the land. It has been customary to show obeisance to him and his family,though the “zamindar” system was abolished over half a century now.
Sattu was an obedient, faithful hard working “slave” to him and his family and over a period of time Dubey gifted him a plot of land , where Sattu lived with his small family of wife and a son. The story of Rampur was as has been as varied and interesting as of Sattu. His son Lallu gradually grew up a well built young man. Sattu’s proper name was Satyanarain Bhagat. Lallu was Lalji Bhagat but it is very unusual to address them with their proper names, usually they had pet names so Satyanarain was Sattu and Lalji was Lallu.

Lallu grew up, handsome and well built and obedient. He got  married and his bride’s name was Padmavati Matar and as usual she was called Paddo. She was very beautiful, well built and ample of vital assets. She was very charming and easily attractive. Dubey’s son Suraj was practically salivating for her from the day one. It has been the custom that only “asaamis”(servants or “slaves”) had free access to the land lord’s house both for interior and external work. Lallu and Sattu used to work in the fields, gardens and various other odd jobs and Paddo used look after the inner sanctum of the house. As all members had exclusive areas for them it was convenient for her to attend  to Suraj. He was in the seventh heaven with her by his side practically dawn to dusk. The joy and happiness reflected in his body language  and of course as he was playing fully with her assets and enjoying the deep penetration moments; he on the quite was taking care of her needs. Of course Lallu and Paddo slept together as good family . And Lallu was not left high and dry; he had the freedom to use Dubey’s wife, who was still very buxom and inviting. Things were very nice and beautifully managed in those days high society and some remnants  still remains todate.