Free sample essay on American History

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  1. Industrialization is the single factor that spurred the economic growth of America.
  2. The government aided railway construction by offering land grant to the Illinois Central Railroad Company. This enabled diversion from the Middlesex Canal for success.
  3. Free labor indicated the concept of independence and freedom; where workers are given the chance to rise up the career ladder due to their individual potential.
  4. A Coffin ships was the term used to refer to ships from Ireland in 1840’s as they were old and rarely had enough food and water supplies.
  5. The first wagon trains started to head West in 1841. The train was from Western Emigration Society and was led by John Bidwell.
  6. The biggest threat to immigrant who travelled the trails to the west was sickness, such as cholera as a result of poor drinking water.
  7. The sager children lost their parent in the Oregon Trail and were adopted by white parent who lived in Washington. However, they were orphaned again after the parents were killed in the white massacre.
  8. The pioneers of Oregon Trail were mostly farmers and found good places to practice their farming.
  9. The Mormons chose to settle near Salt Lake City because they were looking for a place to practice their religion without interference.
  10. The "bear flag revolt" was California’s revolt against Mexico in 1846 after the war between the United States and Mexico became more likely.
  11. The United Stated Fought the Mexican American war over boundaries as it wanted to expand its territory. President Polk intended to push Mexico into negotiation by creating a threat of war, which resulted in to war.
  12. The democrats slogan fifty-four forty or fight was used by Polk 1844 campaigns and meant the coordinates of the northern boundary of Oregon that President Polk wanted to go to war over.
  13. Stephen W. Kearny was the American commander in charge of the army that captured Santa Fe in August 1846.
  14. Most deaths of American army during the Mexican American war were caused by the guerrilla tactics of the defending Mexican forces.
  15. By the year 1860, the USA had acquired land from United Kingdom and from Spain.
  16. The Anglo miners singled out the Chinese for persecution due to racism and discrimination of the Chinese people.
  17. What outraged outsiders about the Oneida community, was their doctrine of complicated marriage, where every man and woman is married to each other and they could have sexual intercourse.
  18. Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis organized the first national women's rights convention in the United States.
  19. Frederick Douglass, David Walker's Appeal and William Lloyd Garrison's were former slaves, who lectured to audiences about the cruelties of slavery.
  20. The United States army invaded the Salt Lake City in the year 1857 after the polygamy practice of the community became a major concern.

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