Sample free essay on Negative Letter.

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Premium Foods Limited,
Po Box 23,
Maple Grove Lane,
Tichborne Ontario, G5R X5D.
10th October 2011

Cannon Meat Supply,
Po Box 2539,
Industrial Parkway,
Windsor Ontario, T4R 1W3.
Dear Mr. Cosway,
I would like to have you know that Premium Foods has enjoyed the business relationship it has had with your company “Cannon Meat Suppliers” for the last five years. We are very grateful for the way you conduct your business, and for the urgency with which you have responded to our cases, when in need. This relationship has been very helpful to the growth of our meat business and to ensuring good services to our clients. The meat business is of a delicate nature and is usually affected by slightest changes in the market and or the manufacturing business.
This letter is to inform you that of late, we have been receiving complaints that evidently show dissatisfaction of our client. Our clients have complained about delays in supplies and are afraid that this will consequently adversely affect their own businesses and are faced with the risk of running out of business. After sessions of lengthy deliberations, I regret to inform you that Premium Company will have to put a hold to all its dealings with Canon Meat Suppliers. This is for the best interest of the company and the clients, and to allow time to discuss with the client on how best we can get back to doing business with you.
Once again we are happy for the way we have been relating and for your responsiveness in emergency situations and would recommend you to any other company that requires your services. We also look forward to the reestablishment of our business relationship in the future.
Thank you

Premium Foods


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