Sample free essay on Slavery in America

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Historians have treated slavery as an aspect of study which dates back in the prehistoric times during the eras of ancient Babylon, Rome and Greece.  In America, it began in the 15th century after the arrival of the Europeans explorers usually made up of the Portuguese and Spanish. Slavery emerged in America after the European realized that slavery was immensely satisfying because of the free labor they got to their plantations (Salzberger and Turck 5). This paper will discuss the slavery trade and its repercussions; it will also outline the improvements of former slaves since their freedom.

Slavery in North America became legal status in the year1641 after a Dutch ship bought the first African slaves.   During this period, there were English settlers living in America but had come with their indentured servants who worked for them for a period of seven years. These servants were freed after the arrival of the Africans and out of this, slavery started to increase gradually. Slavery thrived after the Europeans used African chiefs to enforce slavery as a form of punishment to those who forfeited to pay their debts and other forms of crimes (Hatt 10). However, it is clear that slavery in Africa existed even before the Europeans coming but, it was quite different.

Slave trade became a profitable business because over twenty thousand African slaves were exported each year to America. By the time, slave trade ended, there were over ten million slaves, taken to America. Because of a well organized underground railroad there were laws that were drafted to make sure that no African slave became an indentured slave. Slavery was hostile to the African people, and it had different   repercussions that included beatings and sometimes half starved. Underground Railroad did not believe in families, and this made families to be torn apart with children been sold away from their parents (Ford 9).

In 1861, a civil war broke in America and during this time there were over four million slaves. This war was as a result of conflict that came from the republicans who were against the interference of slavery that emerged from the congress and the then US President Abraham Lincoln (Wheeler 6). This war caused loss of lives, destruction of land, properties and crops. However, slaves were on their way to freedom. For instance, federal policies were created to make sure that there was the creation of permanent improvements on the lives of former slaves. The first significant milestone in slaves’ lives improvements was the provision of basic necessities that came from the federal government.

Former slaves’ lives further improved after receiving portion of lands where they were able to grow and engage in other farming activities. They were also able to access education which they were denied, and above all the freedom that they hardly experienced before. Because of these improvements former slaves embarked on their freedom, and they began to perform economically. This made them enroll in individual training facilities, because most of them were semi skilled.

In conclusion, slavery was one of the worst things that have ever haunted America; however, it has played a greater role in settling and developing the new world. In America it still remains to be a conflict of freedom and equality because of the co-relation that exists between slavery and racism.

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