Free sample paper on Articles Summary and Analysis:Exiled To Cyberia

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Exiled To Cyberia

The knowledge revolution that is highly regarded by the current society in this noted Information Age has the related risks of undermining the native wisdom. Following this claim, the underdevelopment evident in the poor countries should not be associated with lack of knowledge for doing so will be undermining the poor's basic economic factors and further alienate them from the rich nations. Furthermore, the ancient knowledge will be undermined on the uncritical bases of the formal modern systems of knowledge (Dixit, 2003). It is vital to appreciate the difference between knowledge and wisdom in the current society. While as knowledge has the power of impacting the society and advancing it, wisdom appears to be personal and does not necessarily uplift the society. Based on history, knowledge has impacted the societies and the only difference of the historical application of knowledge and that of the current knowledge society is the speed and capacity of transferring it.


This article has looked at the historical aspect of knowledge as well as the present situation. It has as well given clear examples in its contrasting between knowledge and wisdom together with the implication of each to both the historical society and the current society. The case of a monk associated with some selfish form of wisdom is crucial in expressing and relating the dangers associated biased judgmental attitudes as seen amongst the current society between the poor and the rich nations. The dangers associated with misuse of knowledge are also elaborated and the benefits of sharing the knowledge objectively for the benefit of mankind are outstanding enough to warrant this as well researched and written paper (Dixit, 2003).

Global envision

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The website helps support the poor by sharing information about globalization and market solutions and engage communities in vibrant discussion, to create a fertile environment for grater action. This is because globalization and free market development holds great promises for the poor in the society, and if it involves fairness and responsibility, a better world is possible.


Sharing of ideas on globalization and development of free market is a great step towards fighting and Eradication of poverty. With the development of a global village, it is possible to do business from one country to another due to development of infrastructure. Sharing of information and engagement in vibrant discussions enable communities to take action and use the developments happening in the world to benefit them economically. Nurturing and developing of business ideas are a crucial means of helping the poor to grow the business, which according to (Guyer, 2003), will make it possible for them to compete in the global market.


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