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I love music because it always makes my day. Organo recitals, jazz and rock music rank top in my music preference list. My love for music made me very enthusiastic about attending the reunion music concert held on first December 2007 at Echoplex theatre. The concert was held in honor of the 30th anniversary of LA Punk Rock, with an aim of promoting Brendan Mullen's book, 'Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley'. Echoplex theatre is Located underneath the Echo on Sunset (Explorer Publishing 358). Moreover, it has a large stage, and is ideal for large crowds without losing its low-key underground venue vibe. The sounds are incredible and there are two massive bars. The stage can be seen from any place that one decides to stand on. For this particular concert, the venue was dimly lit. The concert was graced by different popular musicians, with their different thrilling performances. The voice recitals with piano accompaniments and organ recital classical guitar carried the night. These two particular types of music had the power to carry the theme of the night, both by style, and lyrics. The audience could not help, but dance and sing along with the musicians.

The voice recital with piano accompaniment as the name suggests, involved music performances by different vocalists in the accompaniment of back ground piano. The A Capella group "from Messiah" with Thomas Rowell as tenor and Robert Holm as pianist, graced the floor with the command of their song bird voices, and instrumental accompaniment that seemed to sway the tightly packed Echoplex. There could not have been a better way of opening the stage as the "from Messiah" A Capella welcomed everyone to go along with their popular lyrics, including the continuously streaming audience. Talk of enthusiasm and jig; both young and old, singles and couples were ushered in. The dancing was rather lazily as if to allow for the audience to get acquainted with the venue.

After the A Capella session, it was the time for the famous rock artists to grace the event with their hard beats. The floor witnessed performances from the famous Oozy Osbon, who entered the stage with his band of instrumentalists and vocal backups. On setting to the stage, everyone was screaming and shouting his name as he took on to his ever energetic style of performance. He played his music with some sessions of loud beats and others soft through coordination with his highly experienced vocalists and DJ. At the end of the rock session, he left the audience crying for more.

After the vigorous dancing by the crowd from the frenzy thrills of Oozy's rock performance, the organo recitals from "The Blaze" cooled the ecstatic theatre. The organo recitals performances were a combination of harp and organ. The music was specially written for the symphonic organs to carry the theme of the night. Mathew's symphonic organ authority tuned the whole performance to poetic, inputting the right sentimentality and exuberant gravitas appropriately. Rebecca Mindock controlled the emotions with her command of the harp. The blaze performance could have continued for hours and still leave the audience yelling for more, but they had to give room for the soloist performances.

The moonlit outside of the theater was in gracious harmony with the concert. The instrumentalists had the inborn skills of mixing rhythm, beats and crescendo of the hearts of the audience. The A capella, organo recitals and the rock beats continued humming in my heart even as I half heartedly left the concert later in the night.

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