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The contemporary society is faced with myriad problems that threaten the existence of human kind; one of such problems being overpopulation. Due to the magnitude of this menace, it has attracted many scholars, policy makers and various authorities who work to understand and manage it. At the commencement of this topic, it is vital to comprehend it. Population refers to a group of organisms of the same species inhabiting a particular area ("The Free Dictionary"). Overpopulation means a situation where the number of organisms exceeds the carrying capacity for their habitat (""). From this definition, apparently the term overpopulation refers to all organisms; however, this paper will focus on human beings. This topic is divided into three main subtopics that include: causes, consequences, and remedies of overpopulation.

Every phenomenon does not happen by chance; there has to be a causal factor. Overpopulation has numerous causes but only a few are highlighted in this paper. There have been enormous advancements in medicine and nutrition where diseases have been combated, reducing death rates and increasing birth rates. Due to various factors that may be economical, natural, political and social, human beings migrate from one place to the other causing overcrowding and its consequences in the receiving end for instance in urban centers. In developing countries, there is a large population who is illiterate and trapped in unfruitful customs and does not embrace contemporary methods of skirmishing overpopulation, like family planning.

As population escalates, the repercussions outweigh the benefits. Consequences of overpopulation have been felt all over the world, though the intensity varies from one place to another. Due to the growth of human population, there is increased strain on natural, economic and social resources. As human beings scramble for these scarce resources, many lives have been claimed due to its' persistent nature. According to Knowledge Galaxy, "the affects of overpopulation are absolutely felt on today's economy''. Countries with huge populations are not able to feed their citizens and this makes them to be stuck in a web of poverty, dependency and debts. On the other hand there are some economies that benefit from this web by giving aids and selling their goods to desperate populations. Lastly, it is important to mention that overpopulation has lead to severe environmental degradation that is detrimental to all organisms. To ensure sustainable development, humankind should move swiftly in curbing this global problem. Simmoneta states that "the answer to the control of human growth lies on education". Many people are not aware of overpopulation as a crisis and need to be educated on its causes, effects and possible solutions to enable them understand and move towards its management. Practices that check population growth like family planning should be advocated for. Education can also go a long way in ensuring abandonment of retrogressive cultural practices like pegging self esteem to many children.

Due to the catastrophic effects of overpopulation, it is imperative that human race understands and embrace practices that put population under control. Nature has ways of controlling population, and these ways like communicable disease outbreaks, wars and famine are not desirable. To avoid this, relevant authorities and all concerned parties should see into it that this problem is brought under control by favourable means.

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