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A story has been told in a village right at the centre of the Amazon Basin where there has lived generations of the Azuna community. These people have a way of life that is unique from the rest of the world. More importantly is the way they tell their stories, apparently it is the same story told allover this community. It is the story that has been told and passed in every generation. The village consisted of only ninety people, all of them old and beyond fifty years, except one twenty year old lady who was a bartender. The oldest of them all was an old lady aged ninety nine years who was rumored to be a witch since she only tackled to the ghosts and no one in the village. One particular morning, a stranger came to the village, and the first person he spotted was the old woman. Strange as it may be, the woman talked to the stranger, but didn't either disclose who she was but rather told a tale that was common among her people. This tale was comparative of the three worlds people lived in; the first world was constantly ravaged with wars, pestilence and poverty, they are victims of oppression, they still live in the dark ages of brutality. The second world was oppressive and couldn't live long in the system it had established, it was preserved by conquering battles and taking away slaves. Its very victims rose against it. The third world was peaceful and calm; it didn't invade the peace of others, and was preserved by unity. (Dorothy M & X.J. 2008)

Once upon a time, there were three pigs and a big bad wolf in a forest. Each of the three pigs built their houses separately. The biggest and the laziest brother were called Thomas. He built a flaccid house with sticks, on river bed sand, and he put mere barks for roofing. Happy that he was done quickly and with no ones help, he spent the rest of his time idling and laughing at the other pigs. At the same time, the second brother, Dan, built his house longer than Thomas. He had firm grass to roof the house, but being all alone, he put the roof in bad shape. The house walls had fine wooden fittings, but because he was alone, the house wasn't well balanced and slanted on one side. Although he was not as lazy as Thomas, he didn't make any plans before he built the house because he didn't excavate a rigid base for the house. On the other hand, the smallest brother, Jacky finished last; he built his house firmly with brick and planned thoroughly. He paid many masons to do the house, gathered quality grass and roofing. When they were dry and ready, he began to build the house like his brothers. He therefore prepared in advance for the house to be built. He paid his masons, when he came at last to his brothers; they laughed at him and called him lazy and wasteful. What he told them was that he would have the last laugh. When each of them went back to their new homes, Thomas's house was cold and could come down with the slightest wind; Dan's was better but risky to live in because of the falling roof. Jacky had a sweet warm sleep in his first night in the new house. The following morning no one complained except that Thomas and Dan looked unhappy, while Jacky beamed with joy. A few days after the three pigs built their houses, the rogue Wolf was hungry and went to the forest hunting for food. He spotted three houses on a hill and went ahead out of curiosity. He first reached Thomas's house whose inside could be seen from outside. What the wolf saw was pleasing to the eye to satisfy his appetite. The wolf dashed into the house before his luck went away. He dug deep into Thomas's skin hungrily and came out with a chunk of meat. Thomas's in his sleep shouted in pain for relief but the wolf gave a victorious laughter to Thomas's utter amazement. When Thomas was lifeless, the wolf dashed to the next house, he knocked off the roof that came crumbling down. Dan who was at the fireplace came out to escape but soon the wolf was on his neck. When Dan was lifeless the wolf went to the third house, Jacky peered into the window and after noticing the wolf that was already on the roof tops, he sat still at the fireplace. The wolf didn't have a third luck, and though disappointed, he had food for weeks. He easily blew down Thomas and Dan's houses and, unfortunately, Thomas and Dan were eaten. On the other hand, Jacky was enjoying his time without worrying because the Big Bad Wolf couldn't blow down his house as it was too rigid and was built with a solid foundation.

When the old woman finished the story, she told the stranger that her community has lived to date in the Amazon Basin because they were like Jacky. No system of the world would move them because they outlive their culture. They didn't call for trouble neither did trouble come. The only trouble they knew was death. What the stranger saw in the woman's eyes is pride and peace and wished his world was the same as the woman's. He talked about his world to the woman. That people were working a lot harder than people in last century did; society as a whole was becoming better and wealthier every single second. Many youngsters in his community rested in the bosom of their parents for provision. He reflected on how strange that this community had no children which might have made life easier than his own world that is, without toys, allowances, and vacations. Their grandparents were slave masters, their parents were in a system that worked hard for money and fame. Most of their children were indolent and had no plans for the future because with their family's help they didn't need to worry about money. Moreover, most of them had isolated themselves from the outer world to avoid enduring the pressure from society. They would even hate to spend a second's time in this woman's world. Most didn't care about their old folks; life was too fast for such concerns. Amazing enough is the age of this old woman who seemed she had one more century to live, she was not done yet with life. Barely people half her age in the stranger's world had any more appetite for more years, not only were they tired but their health couldn't allow either. They talked of cancer on a daily basis; diabetes was like their sister now since it replaced their loved ones when it took them to the grave. The air in his world had another smell, thanks to the pollution by industries which gave them jobs. The air in this woman's world was a pure scent. There was only one road to and from the village. His world was full of commotion of cars and people. A stranger was known both by looks and mission in this woman's world. His world was familiar with bad and indifferent people, who didn't care what you did for a living. Everyone was a bother including your closest friends, relatives and more closely, your own children and their mothers who constantly demanded divorce and pay for upkeep. The woman treasured her story; sweet and teaching. The stranger's land no longer had any sweet stories to tell, the only left ones were about world wars and conquered nations. His land was full of oppressors and mean men and women. He looked to the clear sky; the life in the woman's eyes encouraged him and made him feel comfortable. Sorry that no one his age lived here and the available young lady might have contracted the meanness of his world being a bartender. He thought of staying longer and forever in this world from what he admired in it. But a thought struck home to counter his wish, like a tempting voice, it reminded him of his new car, his big house, the airplanes that could fly him wherever he wished, the big cruise ship he boarded last summer, his prestigious job and the world of endless possibilities that he would soon to discover. None of these could compare with what he found in the strange land. How lonely could he be if he opted to stay with strangers, even this woman was nothing to be a friend and share the reality of life with.

When the stranger told the woman that he was on his way, the woman knew without doubt that he would not come back. She however wondered quietly why people from far places were so much in praise of her land but would not live there with them. She concluded then that there was much they left behind that they couldn't leave behind. The same way she couldn't live in their world. The stranger took his backpack and proceeded to the great mountains. May be one more sweet story would come from this strange land.

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