Sample essay on Ambition in Life

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It is apparent that all people have ambitions regarding who they wish to be at certain points in life. Almost all people aspire to become business tycoons or simply become wealthy (Rubin, 2008). Nobody wishes to lead a poor life.  Some people dream of becoming social reformers, political leaders as well as religious leaders, while others aspire to become anti-reformists in their societies. Others consider taking professional careers, such as teaching or doctoral posts. Whatever the case, it is always a good thing to be ambitious in life, since living a life without ambitions is compared to a ship that has no rudder in a windy environment (Rubin, 2008). However, it is important to note that having an ambition is not the final achievement, but necessary effort are required in order to ensure the dream is achieved. Without the efforts, then there is no guarantee that the dream will be achieved, and as research documents, there are very few people who are considered lucky and lead happy lives without having straightforward aims or goals in their lives (Shubham, 2001).

My aims in life are not very ambitious. I do not wish to become a billionaire but I want to lead a simple life that is basically dedicated at serving my nation and my fellow citizens. I do not want to consider what I will get in return, since my ambition is not motivated by the amount of money I will get in return, but I want to dedicate my service to my countrymen. Having passed through life struggles and seen the aggressive competition in nearly all professions and how people have been demoralized, I made up my mind to take up teaching career. Teaching is usually associated with living simple and thinking high (Shubham, 2001). This is what inspired me to be interested in this profession.  Generally, teachers are deemed to be poor, they lead a life of toil, busy marking students’ exams or making schemes for their lessons. Evidently, there is no thrilling event in the lives of the teachers. Regardless of these hardships, I have made up my mind to be a teacher. What motivates me is the fact that I have my own considerations and reasons for taking up this profession. First, since I was a child, I developed great affection for the children, especially the young ones. In my perception, these children are very delicate, like a flower’s petals. By being a teacher, I can assist these students in widening up their outlook by providing them with sufficient knowledge. This will help me assist my country in producing good and knowledgeable citizens. Furthermore, being in the company of the children, it will help me in remaining fresh and young in outlook and thoughts. In addition, to providing these significant services, I will also have means of survival. In summary, teachers are believed to be the custodians of the highest value, and this makes me to have great faith in the life of an ideal and a noble teacher (Shubham, 2001).


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