Sample free essay on The Story Teller by Hasan Rashid

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The story is about a cunning boy by the name Ahmad who is the main character. He was well known in Ghanim neighborhood because of his story telling. The children were happy and enjoyed every moment they had with him. Ahmad was brought up in a single-parent family. His father died when he was a young kid therefore the knowledge he had concerning his father was vague.  Ahmad's mother was caring and had tender heart for all children in the village. She performed all sorts of chores in the community ranging from welcoming the visitors and directing them to their seats during weddings to being in the company of moaners during sorrowful periods (Akers 184).

Ahmad hated school and no one understood the reasons behind this hatred. In the case where he attended school, he was not able to understand anything taught in class. Other kids did homework for him and in return he was able to tell them stories. Most of the stories Ahmad told them were apparently lies. His nature of telling the stories in a way that he was one of the characters in the act was appealing to the audience. In one occasion, he told them how he was involved in a confrontation with thugs. Despite being unarmed, he was able to defeat them single-handedly claiming that he was helped by Quran teachings and also the surah Chair. This was not the case because he had difficulty in mastering the Quran concepts and teachings. Later on it was discovered that the story was a movie he had earlier on watched and he used the identity of the good boys' character who defeated the thugs to be him.  
In another ironic twist, Ahmad fame begun to decline and no one was giving him attention after new faces settled in the neighborhood. Their way of living was real and they did not rely on illusions. The experience in life they possessed was advanced compared to those of the children in the neighborhood. For instance, the children were good in swimming long distances, played football with ease and they knew more stories than Ahmad (Akers 185).
Unfortunately, Ahmad's reliability and trustworthy was tested by the same individuals. The new storytellers were telling the other children stories concerning their life experience and how their dad came to the rescue when the they were swimming. Their father had spotted the ghost Bodriah and challenged it before it reached them. Ahmad claimed that he was good in swimming and can swim for one hour nonstop. The children decided to test his ability to swim. Ahmad was taken to nearby beach and the reward to him was two Indian rupees if he managed to stay underwater for one hour. Ahmad was unable to swim as he had no idea and it was the sailors help that rescued him from drowning. Later, at the time of storytelling, Ahmad joined the other kids and claimed to be paid the two rupees. He tells them that it was their mistake when they removed him from the water before an hour elapsed.
Despite Ahmad's unrealistic nature, like the other new children in the neighborhood, he is adventurous and enjoys telling stories.  His stories are based on imaginary notion which is contrary to the new kids in the neighborhood where their stories are based on real life experiences.

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