Sample essay on Representation of Interest Matrix.

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Representation of Interest Matrix.

Individuals interest Supporting groups/ organizations Opposing groups and organizations Represented class and status groups Interested class and status groups.
Civil liberties/individual rights ACLU _ The entire society _
environment Greenpeace Competitive Enterprise Institute The society _
taxes National Tax Payers Union Americans for Tax reforms Taxpayers Tax payers
education National Education Association Separation of Schools and State Alliance students parents
Women's Right National Organization for Women _ women women-literate


Public policy is developed by governments in terms of laws or decisions in an attempt to solve a particular public issue. Different institutions are formed to represent different interests in the public policy decision making processes. Some of these institutions or organizations include: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Greenpeace, National Taxpayers Union, National Education Association, and the National Organization for Women.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) advocates for individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the American law. It broadly deals with issues such as capital punishment; drug law reform; free speech; HIV/AIDS; human and immigrants rights; LGBT rights; National Security; prisoners rights; racial justice; religion and belief; reproductive freedom; technology and liberty; voting rights; and, women rights. The ACLU performs the above functions by daily liaising with the courts, the legislature, and communities, to ensure rights and liberties are defended.  
Greenpeace is an organization that independently campaigns for peaceful action. This creates awareness on the global problems affecting the environment, and the solutions that would ensure a better future. Greenpeace has been very effective in presenting environmental problems because they go out to the field and bear witness to what is happening. This collected information is then put in the form of peaceful protests. It also acts by putting pressure on business corporations, which are the worst in abusing the environment. The government is also pressured on its promise to ensure conservation. Politicians who do not do their jobs are also exposed (Weyler, 2004).
The National Taxpayers Union advocates for lower tax rates. Its issues are centered towards reformation of taxes, transparency, and issues on regulation. It has been successful in ensuring that everyone gets an income tax cut; the tax is indexed; there is no increase in state and local tax; federal grants and contracts have reformed; there are on-line transparency campaigns, and, there are no hidden taxes.
The National Education Association represents the education professions, and the students' interests. It advocates for professionals in the education sector, and unity among members. This ensures that every student acquires public education, and succeeds. In attaining this, it has focused on its members to ensure the quality of education improves, students increase their achievements, and schools are made safer and much better places to learn in.
The National Organization for Women (NOW) acts in ensuring equality for all women. It aims to get rid of discriminatory behavior, harassment, reproductive rights, violence, racism, sexist remarks; thereby promoting justice and equality. Most of these objectives have been, and are still being achieved through the many feminist campaigns, talks and actions that are taking place all over the world (Barakso, 2004).
The interests of Civil Rights/ Individual Rights, and that of the Women's Rights pose some form of competition. This is because most of the functions of the Womens Rights Organizations are compounded and carried out by the Civil Rights Organizations. Issues like reproductive freedom and the general rights of the woman, are included in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); which advocates for human rights. Most of the above interests are not in conflict with the general public because most of them nave been formed to carry out functions for the general public. They are put forward and implemented for the betterment of life of all individuals and there aren't any noticeable conflicts.
Different individual interests are represented through different organizations. This representation ensures that different issues affecting the society are fully identified and a course of action taken. This has made it easier in solving problems, because relying on one particular organization to cover all areas would not be possible.

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