Free sample essay on Total Environment, Health, and Safety Management.

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1.  Program design for training new warehouse employees on how to lift boxes safely
For a training program to be effective, it has to outline all the critical elements. When designing a program for training new warehouse employees on how to lift boxes safely, the following components must be well indicated:
  1. Worker safety -  Worker safety is of the most importance when training new workers. The program should indicate all the handling techniques involved in safe handling of the boxes. This will help in reducing cases of accidents hence reducing unnecessary expenses like medical expenses.
  2. Heath safety -  The workers should be taught on how to identify contents indicated on the boxes .The program should also indicate protective garments required to be worn when handling boxes containing different components (OSHA 2004). Heath threatening components like chemicals require that workers wear extra protective garments. This helps in maintaining good health of the employees therefore reducing heath coverage expenses.
  3. Loss prevention techniques – The last thing an organization wants to do is to incur unnecessary loses caused by workers in duty therefore it is important for new workers to be taught on how to handle fragile goods like glass.
  4. The program should include the proper use of lock out and tag out procedures. - This will help in reducing damages when lifting boxes.  
  5. Proper use  of forklifts – This is applicable when lifting boxes using forklifts to avoid damages.

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  1. The need for  IT training in Hal-stead property managers, NY.

Hal-stead property managers is a real estate and home development company with headquarters in New York. The use of Information and Technology (IT) in business has become the latest and effective method of conducting business activities business it's therefore important for the company to train its employees on how to take advantage of the current wave on the latter. The following are some of the reasons why Hal-stead property managers need to train its workers on the use of IT.
  1. There is change in the current market place – The brewing change in the market place is one of the fore most reasons why every company should embrace the use of IT especially in marketing (Richard 2004). Currently, estate management companies are making and closing deals on the comfort of their offices without going to the field to look for clients thanks to Internet.
  2. Time management – The use of IT helps in time management and has been proven to be very effective in covering all aspects of any given performance.
  3. Cost effectiveness – E-marketing, a product of IT is currently the cheapest mode of marketing. Also IT reduces cost of storage as documents can be stored as soft copies.
  4. Training on IT will enable the management to identify critical key  components essential  in the effective performance of the company like evaluation of the measurable objectives of the company and laying out all the technical needs for achieving them.

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    1. Some of the personal/behavior and culture/management factors that may have contributed to this incident (p.330)

According to veazie (26), the cause of the incident can be attributed to three main factors namely:
  1. The working environment
  2. Personal behavior – This factors range from different types of persons. They also depend on the different attitudes, values and beliefs that different types of people possess.
  3. Managerial factors – This are factors relating to the organizational culture and management of the organization. A behavior can either be habitual or by choice and their degree of influence depends on the situation.

The personal behavioral factors which are supposed to have caused this incident include lack of self mystery, poor personal observation skills and inadequacy in the management of personal safety behavior. This person showcases poor adherence to instructions. This is because he enters the valve knowingly through a a ground-level manhole without testing or ventilating the vault atmosphere instead of using the right and recommended passage.
However, according to James, Roughton & Mercurio (330), the above personal behavior could be managed well by applying self management, observation and awareness skills which are very essential in managing behaviors and attitudes in the work place.
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  1. Periodic evaluation

Communication – Communication is the key and most essential tool in the accomplishment of any form of an evaluation undertaking. A proper communication link makes it easy to rate employees involvement in the development and achievement of organizational goals. Also, a good communication channel makes the process of data collection easy.
Proactive behaviors : In any organizational setting, it is normal for people to show case different types of behaviors. Proactive behavior can be defined as the way of taking things into own hands (James , Roughton & Mercurio 2002). Although proactive behavior is considered to be less efficient than other forms of behaviors, it is considered a very essential tool in todays stressful and competitive working environment.
Systems -  Its is very essential to check whether the systems put in place are working or not.
Design – For periodic evaluation, it is important to keep on reviewing the changes in design to gauge their effectiveness.
Improvement – The main aim of carrying out an evaluation process is to understand whether there is any form of improvement if the strategies put into place.  
Teams – People perform differently in teams. Periodic evaluation takes to understand on how different types of people perform on team basis

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