Sample essay on Corporate child care.

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    In today’s competitive business environment, employers have devised new ways of attracting and maintaining new employees through creative ways like offering them corporate child care programs. Traditionally child care has been a matter of the family but employers have taken up this role to ensure employees perform to the best of their capability in their duties. Child care has been incorporated in other traditional benefits packages like health insurance and vacation leave to make the work environment more exciting (Unger and Sussman, p.84). Numerous childcare programs have been implemented with the common one being the on-site childcare facility which is usually located within the employee’s work location which is supervised by agents which are contracted by the employer. In the United States, the government has not been keen in providing child care facilities to its citizens and this has been left to the employers. Corporate child care offers certain advantages to the employees as they can access their children at any time during the day. Certain labor union organizations have campaigned for the provision of corporate child care by the employers which has made many employers set up child care facilities in their workplaces. In this research paper, we shall focus on the benefits and disadvantages of different childcare programs which are offered by the employers. The paper will address the reasons why corporate child care has gained a lot of prominence in the recent past and the effect of provision of corporate child care on the other employee benefits like health insurance and vacation leave.

Literature review.

    In the modern business environment, employers have realized that the issues of child care present a lot of challenges to employees. Regardless of the age of the child, child care can be difficult to manage especially for working parents. The lack of quality and effective child care is a concern for every parent since it hinders their ability to work which may result in to a lot of absenteeism. Researchers have pointed out that child development and performance in future is governed by the quality of care accorded in the earlier years of development. With the growth of women workers from the 1970s through to the 1980s, many employers have been forced to establish child-care facilities in their workplaces which have increased the motivation of the workers in their duties. Companies with child care facilities have improved their ability to attract and retain workers as well as their productivity due to high employee loyalty and low absenteeism. According to a recent research conducted to some companies which offered corporate child care facilities in the workplace, only twenty percent believed that the child care programs negatively affects their productivity while eighty percent believed the programs had brought higher benefits to the companies than the costs of providing the child care.