Free sample essay on Society and Internet

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The advent of technology has significantly affected the way we do and carry out our activities today. Looking back at our ancestors thousands of years ago, we can appreciate their influence towards the development in technology, their struggle in their daily activities and vulnerability in terms of security, sicknesses and general work efficiencies. They created the bridge through which our present social lives revolve by influencing innovation and curiosity. Development in telephony, electricity, steam engines and primarily, the Internet, continues to shape all aspects of our existence, Adas, M. (1989, p.5). The Internet, particularly, has proved to be an agent of social, political and economic revolution defining the successes of the 21st century.

The information age has influenced most of mankind’s developments in all disciplines overtime. Today, one is able to communicate conveniently over long distances, exchange pleasantries and ideas, send formal and informal letters and broadcast news through the information superhighway (internet). This has consequently led to the establishment of the world as a global village where Electronic mails (E-Mails) and fax machines are being used to disseminate information to different destinations. Furthermore, Internet broadcasting has been adapted by media houses (such as CNN) to expediently present news items to their subscribers. People are now kept informed of any breaking news or alerts from their favorite radio or Television Stations, (Nikolovska, 2010, p.31).

In regard to education, some of the issues which were initially imperative such as religion, culture and race, are slowly withering. Classrooms have become more of a social playground as children are able to learn independently through eLearning. People with disabilities have also gotten the opportunity to achieve their professional goals regardless of their physical barriers. Lastly, the Internet has provided employment opportunities for many households. People looking for supplementary income are either resulting to part time or full-time jobs on the Internet. Some of the jobs available include data entry, professional writing and statistical analysis. The Internet has simplified entrepreneurial activities with online stores such as eBay allowing for online selling and buying of goods or services. Buyers are now able to purchase products regardless of their physical location, pay for them and have them shipped to their resident countries.