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“The Man Who Started it All”

Life in society today would not be as interesting and easy without technology. The economy today is dependent on technology to attain desired growth levels. Every sector advances following some projected growth path which is made possible by way of complex computations involving many equations to be solved simultaneously. This would be an uphill task and almost impossible at times. However, things are much easy thanks to one profound philosopher; Charles Babbage; “the man that started it all”; also known as “the father of computers”. Charles Babbage is recognized for having started the idea of a “difference Engine”, the idea that has seen technology develop and progress to the level of sophistication that society enjoys today, (Goldman, 2002: 59-60). This paper explores why Charles Babbage would be given credit as “the man who started it all”, and just how he did it.

Before 1970, data used to be calculated or computed manually by individuals. Individuals could only handle simple functions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They could not perform complex calculations. Furthermore, such manual calculations were not efficient and were open to many errors. Particularly, many errors were common in the application of logarithm tables to solve equations. This prompted Charles Babbage to think of a way by which the calculations could be done using a machine as opposed to people. As a result Charles Babbage came up with the “difference engine” that would perform calculation tasks hence save people the agony of manual computations. This idea was also helpful since it would eliminate the need to employ many unskilled people to perform manual calculation tasks, (Goldman, 2002: 59-60).