Free sample essay on A Visit to a Restaurant


A Visit to a Restaurant

Monday morning the 18th of April, came with a lot of warnings. Waking up from the bed alone had to be a struggle, a fight between my instincts and the moral need to be up early and attend to the daily chores. I knew without any doubt that this day was designed to be bad if something did not come on the way to lighten it up. Amid all these protests from within me, borne as a result of laziness, I collected myself and rose from the bed, to be greeted by the glistering rays of the blessed sun, ironically welcoming me to a dull day, or at least I perceived it so.

With the clumsiness of chameleon, and an aura of complete boredom enveloping me, I walked into the kitchen to find out what my beloved mum had for the morning. Well, just as I expected, she was up earlier than everyone, and had a beaming face, which ordinarily I had to allude to something unusual. I tried to look around in a bid to find some reason for my mom’s charisma, but the observation was only discouraging, since the hearth was still as cold as if it were never used. I have always known my mom to very sober-minded, so thinking she had become psychic was not an option. 

“Hi mom, morning?” I greeted her as was customary to our family every time we woke up, though I did not feel like talking to anyone.

“Morning darling, why do you have that God-forsaken look on your face?” my mom asked. According to the expression on her face, all of us were supposed to be happy and be in a celebratory mood. Then it started dawning on me: it was my birthday and mom had promised to take us to an upper class restaurant. How could I be so forgetful! Even my own birthday! And worst of all, wear a somber mood, on a day that I am supposed to be bursting with ecstasy! I now understood clearly why there was no aroma coming from the kitchen, to wake me up from my deep slumber, as had always been the case.