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“Jack, will you just sit like that watching video from morning to evening?” my mom would scold me every time she found me with my eyes fixed on the video player.

I was so much into movies that I could not help it myself. I had just sat for my standard eight final exams and I felt very free and reluctant to engage in anything physical. As it was, I had no worry with coming results, because I knew my potential and I was glad of it. Excellence had always beckoned at me even when I had not thirstily worked for it. I was particularly attracted to the American actor Arnold Schwasnegger to an extent I even idolized him. God, the man was so perfect, I could only imagine what kind of person he was. My father worked in the US and I constantly wondered whether he had met Arnold. My main reason why I insisted in visiting my dad was to be close to the actor, perhaps meet him, and tell him how much I wanted to be like him; being shot so many times and not dying, possessing the ability to conquer so many antagonists. The innocence of a child…

The following year I knew I would join form one and I would hardly find a chance to fly to my dad. The only strategy was to insist on going immediately, before the dream started fading. I wanted to one day become an actor or a cartoonist, to be able to thrill people the same way I was always thrilled when I watched the movies and animations. I must say I enjoyed being an only child, since everything I wanted was always at my disposal. I had once realized that my parents treasured me highly, and I reveled on this fact. I became moody and developed a poor appetite towards food, until my mom bulged to my constant nagging to let me visit dad.

On my flight date, I was all smiles, since coincidentally I would also be celebrating my birthday in just a few days. My dad received me at the airport and the first request I gave was to be taken to the cinema where Arnold would be presenting. To me, when my dad finally said yes, it was a dream come true. The four days before my birthday flew like hot wind, and always when I would on the tapestry of the carpeted roads on the rich streets, all that ever enveloped me was the thought of meeting my protégé.