Sample free essay on Career Management Plan

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A career management plan is developed by the management of an organization in order to assist in guiding employees to work positively towards the achievement of organizational goals. Achieving a good career management plan entails the setting of achievable goals,    evaluating the feasibility of the goals, and coming up with concrete ways to achieve them. In this study, focus will be based on how on the career management plan for new employees within an organization. Special emphasis will be given on feed will be relayed to each employee in the most appropriate manner, the opportunities available to  employees after they have been given the feedback, and how they can be assisted to reach greater heights of their potential. Additionally, the study will also focus on how opportunities for advancement can be availed, possibility of flexible opportunities for dual career parents, and a further justification of the workability of this study (Greenhaus et al. 201).

            Feedback is a very important motivational tool to an organization especially when dealing with new employees. This is because it helps new employees to know how managers perceive them thereby allowing them to the possibility of making positive that influence the perceptions of others (Fugate and Kinicki 504).  Though it is hard to give out a feedback, it is important for managers to organize for an appropriate avenue with the employee in order to give them a feedback for the appraisal process that might have taken place. If this is not carefully done, hostile reaction is possible from employees part especially is feedback is near negative. Delivering feedback to an employee always calls for privacy and this means that managers should look for a private place for each employee in order to give them feedback. In as much as feedback may be negative, a manager should plan to deliver the feedback in a positive manner to avoid working up the employee in question. For feedback to meaningful, the organization should plan to train its employees in the areas that it identifies them as weak so that they can develop for the betterment of the organization (Lips-Wiersma and Hall 772).  

            An organization can perform better when its employees are working the best of their abilities. Achieving this is not an easy task as such and always requires the management to provide an ample working environment done through a number of ways. Setting of goals is one way of ensuring that employees perform well because it ensures that they put more effort to achieve the targets. Additionally, the management should measure their accomplishments and offer trainings especially on the areas they are perceived to be weaker. Training will be more meaningful if offered during working hours because the employees will feel some convenience in the ample training environment that is provided to them. Further to this, there are various opportunities that the organization can provide in order to ensure that employees can advance in their career paths (Fugate and Kinicki 512). These include availing chances of promotions, elevation of salary amounts, and giving bonuses to the best performing employees. Benefits should be given to employees who attend optional training programs that are related to their work category. When this is done, the organization benefits greatly because of the improved quality of its employees (Greenhaus et al. 206).