Sample free essay on A stand Against Wikipedia

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A stand against Wikipedia

            Wikipedia is one of the online educational resource the students use to acquire information while they do their college and university assignments. This has sparked a lot of complains from university lecturers and tutors to the extent of baring students from quoting Wikipedia as the primary source acquiring information. This is evident by the step taken by the history department of Middlebury College to ban students from citing the site in their works because most of the information cannot be trusted as authentic. However, I am of the contrary opinion that Wikipedia should not be banned but rather, students should be cautioned on how to use it with care in order to ensure credible information is shared (Burkhardt 43).

            Material on the Wikipedia is convenient to students who may intend to complete their assignments in time at minimum cost. Unlike other online resources where students have to pay some fee in order to access the information they require, Wikipedia is free and this is one of the advantages that makes it useful. Banning students from using Wikipedia is far from reality because no concrete punishment can be given to students who do so. As pointed out by Wyatt of the Middlebury College, he was able to see students who used the biographies on the Wikipedia appropriately thereby invalidating the ban given out by the history department.