Sample free essay on Abortion vs. adoption

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Abortion is pregnancy termination by expulsion or the removal of the embryo from the expectant mother’s uterus, leading to its ultimate death. It can either be spontaneous as a result of medical complications at the period of pregnancy or it can be provoked, induced, or stimulated; in human being as well as in other species. Abortion therefore, can be either therapeutic or elective depending on the reasons of occurrence (Jauniaux and El-Rafaey) Therapeutic abortion is an abortion, which is induced with the sole aim of protecting the health or the life of the pregnant female (gravida), whereas elective abortion is an abortion that is induced for any other reason (Jauniaux and El-Rafaey). Adoption involves a process of permanently transfering all parenting responsibilities and rights from the biological parent(s) of the child by an individual. The process is designed to impact a permanent change on the parental status of the child. Adoption procedure requires societal acknowledgment, which in most cases is realized through religious or legal sanctions (Thomas).

Differences between Abortion and Adoption

In the abortion process, gravida’s pregnancy ends at the death of the embryo or foetus, whether through therapeutic or elective abortion, the end result of pregnancy being the death of the foetus. While the end result of pregnancy in adoption is giving life to the child, after the birth of the child, its when the adoption process is sanctioned. Therefore, the major difference between abortion and adoption is that one results into the death of the foetus (abortion), whereas the other does not result to the death of the foetus, but just a permanent change of parenthood. In abortion, an individual feels shame and guilt related to their choice as well as to whether the society will accept her choice, devoid of criticizing her decision. (Strauss et al 30). An individual making a decision of adoption feels very positive and good about the whole process, which is because he has not taken the life of the child, but only transferred the responsibilities and rights of parenting to another person. Furthermore, in adoption someone can remember that she gave birth to a child, but in abortion the only thing an individual can remember is taking away the life of the innocent fetus.

Another disparity between abortion and adoption is that, in abortion one can never treasure or know her baby, but in adoption an individual has an opportunity to name, hold, and even love the baby. Additional in abortion one has no single opportunity to see the development of the child, while in adoption one can have countless contact with the baby, thereby having an opportunity see his or her development (Strauss et al 30). Looking at the cost differences between abortion and adoption, adoption has no bloody cost, and therefore any gravida who makes the decision of adoption has no expense to settle. If anything, all bills including living and health care costs are catered for, by the adopting family. However, for successful abortion one must be ready to spend some dollars. The cost of abortion is dependent on how long an individual has been pregnant. It will therefore range between $500 and $2,000, there may be some added costs such as ultrasound, birth control, ‘morning after’ pills as well as extra medical treatment in the case of an infection.

Abortion and Adoption Current Statistics


Current studies have indicated that approximately 83% of abortions occur in third word countries, while 17% are carried out within the industrialized countries. It is estimated that in the United States, 3,700 abortions are performed each and every day. 52% of the women having abortion in the U.S. are twenty five years and below. The highest percentages (64.4) of abortions in the United States are performed by single women (The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform)


For the last four years the international adoption rate has considerably gone down. However Africa as a continent recorded a substantial increase in adoption rate, with 2, 315 kids in 2008 from 1,748 kids the previous year. The continent which recorded the highest adoption rate in both 2007 and 2008 was Asia with 8,277 kids in 2007 and 6,735 kids the following year. South America recorded the lowest adoption rate of 452 kids in 2007 and 439 in 2008 (Adoption under One Roof).

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