Gout, sometimes called podagra, is a medical condition that comes with redness and tenderness of the joints, sudden and severe attacks of pain at the joint of the big toe. It is also characterized by acute inflammatory arthritis that is recurrent. While nearly 50% of the gout cases affect the big toe, it might also be present in tophi, urate nephropathy, and kidney stones. It is a disease that results from the rise in the levels of the uric acid that is present in the blood. Gout is treatable, and there are measures that one can use to reduce its recurrence.

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Glaucoma is an eye condition that causes damage to the optic nerves and worsens over time. It comes with buildups of pressure inside the eye. It is a disease that is hereditary but may not show up until later stages in life. It is associated with a group of disorders that are either open or closed angles glaucoma. The former is painless and develops slowly without symptoms while the latter has sudden eye pain, nausea, redness, and vomiting and is an urgent medical case. Glaucoma may cause permanent damage to one's vision and potentially lead to total blindness.

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Head and neck cancer starts from a person's lips, mouth (oral cavity), nose (nasal cavity), pharynx, larynx, and paranasal sinuses. Biologically, cancers that fall under head and neck group are similar. Nearly 90% of them are squamous cell carcinomas. Hence, they are known as head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC). They originate from the epithelium (mucosal lining) of these regions. Sometimes they spread to the neck's lymph nodes giving it its first sign. Some of the risk factors for this type of cancer are alcohol, tobacco, UV light, certain strains of viruses, and some chemicals used in workplaces.

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Cancers occur when there are changes in the way normal cells grow in the body. The abnormal growth gives the cancerous cells an opportunity to invade the surrounding tissues and the lymphatic and blood vessels resulting in the spread of the disease to various parts of the body. Prostate gland supports the reproductive process and is located underneath the bladder in a man's pelvis. Many of the cells that produce most of the components of a man's semen can become cancerous. It is a disease that is prevalent in men who are 50 and above. Its intensity varies, and not all its victims may need treatment.

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There are several types of cancer that can occur along the digestive system. It is the place where the body processes food nutrients before passing the waste material out of the body. Colon cancer occurs in the colon (large intestine), which is at the lower part of one's digestive system. Rectal cancer, on the other hand, occurs on the last inches of the colon. When they come together, they are known as colorectal cancer that occur when abnormal cells grow and form tumors in a patient's rectum or colon.

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