There are some HPV types that may be classified as high-risk because they normally lead to an abnormal change of cells and may cause genital cancers, which include cervical, vulva, penis, and anus cancers. According to researchers, more than 99% of cervical cancers result from HPV viruses. The HPV types of 16 and 18 are the most common high-risk strains and lead to more than 70% of cervical cancers. The rates of this form of cancer in the United States are rare because most women in the country undergo Pap tests, and their abnormal cells get treated before they turn into cancer.

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Hypertension (HTN or HT) is sometimes called high blood pressure is a medical condition that is chronic whereby the blood pressure is persistently elevated in the arteries. Within the arterial system, blood pressure can be expressed in two measurements, the diastolic and systolic which are the minimum and the maximum pressures respectively. When the left ventricles get more contracted, the systolic pressure occurs while in the case of diastolic, the left ventricle gets relaxed before the next contraction.

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HIV transmission takes place through having anal or vaginal sex without protection (usually with a condom). Oral sex also has risks of infection but is relatively lower and less likely. Other ways through which HIV can be contacted is sharing of sex toys with people who have the virus. One of the ways of preventing HIV infection is to reduce one's exposure risks to HIV, for example, by sharing equipment for injection or having unprotected sex. HIV has no cure, but the treatment of the virus using ART reduces its strength substantially and the risk of passing it to somebody else.

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Hodgkin's lymphoma is sometimes called Hodgkin's disease. It is a form of lymphoma whereby cancer comes from one type of white blood cells known as lymphocytes. Risks of HL can increase if one has a history of infectious mononucleosis that occurs as a result of Epstein-Barr Virus infection. However, Epstein-Bar virus' contributions remain unknown. Hodgkin lymphoma starts to spread from one group of lymph nodes to the other, which is a common characteristic of HL besides the development of systematic symptoms of advanced disease. The condition is treatable by chemotherapy, radiation therapy or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

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Hepatitis C is a liver disease that is infectious and comes from the hepatitis C virus (HCV). It is often an asymptomatic infection, but may lead to scarring of the liver and the cirrhosis in chronic cases usually after several years. Some of the patients with cirrhosis usually go on to develop liver cancer and liver failure. They may also face other life-threatening gastric and esophageal varices. It is a disease that spreads by blood-to-blood contact that comes from intravenous drug use, transfusions, and poorly sterilized medical equipment. Over 150 million people around the world suffer from hepatitis C.

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