Writing Topic on Medical Malpractice and Legal Issues Nursing

Medical malpractice is a term that lawyers use to refer to cases when doctors' and other healthcare professionals' actions cause harm to patients. Some of the most common medical malpractices include medical misdiagnosis, childbirth injuries, surgery errors, and other hospital related infections. People are always encouraged to learn about the medical malpractices and the legal issues that they might experience when they or those close to them fall victims. Doctors and healthcare providers have to adhere to the set standards that their regulatory bodies and the governments put in place. Normally victims seek the services of the medical negligence attorneys to assess the allegations.

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Writing Topic on Mechanical Ventilation Nursing

Mechanical ventilation in medicine is a method that specialists use to mechanically replace or assist spontaneous breathing. It may involve the use of a machine called a ventilator or a registered nurse, physician assistant, physician, paramedic, respiratory therapist, or any other suitable person may assist breathing by compressing a set of bellows or a bag. Mechanical ventilation is called invasive if it involves the use of penetrative instrument that go through the mouth or the skin. The two main modes of mechanical ventilation that exist are positive pressure ventilation and negative pressure ventilation.

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Writing Topic on Lung Cancer Nursing

Lung cancer, which is sometimes referred to as pulmonary carcinoma or carcinoma of the lung is a lung tumor that is malignant and is characterized by uncontrolled growth of tissues and cells of the lung. If unchecked and treated, it may grow beyond the lungs through the process of metastasis into other body parts or nearby tissues. Most of the cancer types that start from the heart, commonly called lung cancers are carcinomas and derive from the epithelial cells. Some of the main primary types are non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) and small-cell lung carcinoma (SCLC). Coughing, shortness of breath, weight loss, and chest pains are some of the most common symptoms.

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Writing Topic on Lyme Disease Nursing

Lyme disease, which is sometimes called Lyme borreliosis is a bacterial disease that is infectious and is caused by the Borrelia type of bacteria. Expansion in the area of redness that starts at the site of a tick bite is a common sign of the infection. It usually starts to show a week or less after the bite. The rash is neither painful nor itchy. Approximately 25% of people normally do not develop a rash. Other symptoms that may come at the early stages include headache, fever, and tiredness. If left unchecked and properly treated, one may experience severe headaches and neck stiffness, joint pains, and difficult or lack of the ability to move both sides of the face.

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Writing Topic on Liver and Intestine Transplant Nursing

Intestine transplant is a surgical procedure that is meant to replace the small intestines in case of chronic and acute infections that may result in an intestinal failure. While there are other alternative therapies like parenteral nutrition (PN) that can treat such failure, there are other complications that may be associated to the PN such as short bowel syndrome and liver disease that may make a transplant a viable option. Liver and intestinal transplantation are rare, but are increasingly becoming prevalent as a therapeutic option.

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