Melanoma, which is sometimes called malignant melanoma, is a cancer type that develops from the pigment that contains the cells known as melanocytes. Melanomas normally occur in the skin but may occur in the intestines, mouth, or the eye. In men, they are common in the back while women usually experience them in the legs. The ultraviolet light (UV) exposure is one of the major causes of melanoma in those who have low levels of skin pigment. Sources of the UV light may be the sun or other tanning devices. The people who are at a greater risk of getting a melanoma are those with several moles, poor immune function, and those who have family members with the condition.

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Medicine 2.0 is part of the “Health 2.0”, a term that came up in the mid-2000s as part of the health terminologies that mirrored the wider web 2.0 movement. It built on the changing health and medicine that started when experts introduced eHealth in the 1990s after the emergence of the World Wide Web. As the adoption of the Internet took over the publishing and communication sectors, there was an increasing interest from clinicians, patients, and medical librarians to make use of the tools to improve health and medical care.

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Medical malpractice is a term that lawyers use to refer to cases when doctors' and other healthcare professionals' actions cause harm to patients. Some of the most common medical malpractices include medical misdiagnosis, childbirth injuries, surgery errors, and other hospital related infections. People are always encouraged to learn about the medical malpractices and the legal issues that they might experience when they or those close to them fall victims. Doctors and healthcare providers have to adhere to the set standards that their regulatory bodies and the governments put in place. Normally victims seek the services of the medical negligence attorneys to assess the allegations.

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Medical practice management can be in a small or a large office and requires the practice manager to handle various issues. They may include legal, administrative, financial, technological, and much more. The roles of such managers usually change from time to time and may have to multi-task at some instances. If there is need to interview physician assistants, they have to be there. They also have to call experts to fix a hospital equipment. In summary, medical practice management deals with business operations, human resources, information management, organizational governance, financial management, patient care systems, among others.

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Mechanical ventilation in medicine is a method that specialists use to mechanically replace or assist spontaneous breathing. It may involve the use of a machine called a ventilator or a registered nurse, physician assistant, physician, paramedic, respiratory therapist, or any other suitable person may assist breathing by compressing a set of bellows or a bag. Mechanical ventilation is called invasive if it involves the use of penetrative instrument that go through the mouth or the skin. The two main modes of mechanical ventilation that exist are positive pressure ventilation and negative pressure ventilation.

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