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American Heritage

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american_heritageWriting about American heritage requires definition of heritage. A definition from an on-line dictionary states that, heritage is something that is handed down from past as a characteristic inherited from ancestors, a culture or even a tradition. There are three ways we can define heritage in a broad way. A birth right, a tradition or an inheritance, therefore American heritage can encompass all these three traits of heritage. In these essay the, writers , have written broadly on American heritage, without necessary aligning their thoughts on one specific definition of what could be American heritage


When i think of “American Heritage,” so many things come to mind. The monuments, the documents, the cultures and traditions that defines America as a great country. The various memorial days that we as American celebrate, all commemorating various historical land marks of our country. The day of independence to the American people is celebrated on 4th July each year to commemorate the day independence of all the the original thirteen colonies of British government in America declared independence. When you think of this day as an American heritage, you will not forget the men who courageously united all the colonies to fight for independent and united America. The courage that American people have in fighting for what is right to them and others in the current world is an inheritance they got from the many men and women who stood up for their rights against a strong and well prepared government of Britain. The men who fought in the revolution war to win us independences handed us unforgettable inheritance of resilience and determination. This an American heritage, of resilience and determination.


Thinking of making of the united states of America constitution, which was riddled with numerous issues that even lead to the first civil war in America. The believes in our founding fathers and their convictions of an united states of America, does not only come inform of our Constitution as an American heritage, but we inherited one of the oldest Constitution dispensation that has held us together ever since. The leaders who wrote our declaration of independence and those who wrote our Constitution impacts greatly on the American people. We live to our full potentials because of great American heroes who have gone out of their ways to make America a great nation. The first man to explore the moon, the discovery of nuclear energy, the fight for civil rights, the believe in God and humanity, all these are just examples of American heritage we got from our ancestors living and dead.


Discovery of the nuclear energy has enabled us to improve on delivery of clean electricity to millions of American, who would otherwise be still dependent on fossil fuels that are depleting at alarming rates. Many other countries have benefited from these discoveries, although you may be tempted to argue on the disadvantages of nuclear discovery, this is an American heritage to be proud of. The civil rights movement inspired by black civil rights movements turned our country into a better place for all to live. People like martin Luther king Jr and Susan Anthony who championed the rights of the black and the minority women are people who bequeathed us very credible American heritages that have even been experimented in other parts of the world. Whatever the words “American heritage” may mean to each of us in America, we all at least have something in common; to do the right thing and make the best decisions for our future generations. Visit the for more information on specific American heritages, in forms of culture , traditions or in-heritages that we share.


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Declaration of Independence

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Declaration_of_independenceMany of us Americans will not fail to attend the independence day, observed with parades and many other activities all over the states. But how many sit down to ask what really happened on this day. Cerebrations of independence in America are tied to the day the founding father declared independence of all states in America from the British rule. Declaration of independence was not done by the 50 states as they are know today but by 13 British colonies that were existing at the time. The colonies that were present in declaration of independence and the subsequent signing of the freedom document are listed at the as :



  • Pennsylvania

  • New Hampshire

  • Rhodes island

  • south Carolina

  • Maryland

  • Connecticut

  • North Carolina

  • Delaware

  • Virginia

  • Georgia

  • New York

  • New Jersey

  • Massachusetts

visit the, a website that offers free American history papers for information on the people who represented these colonies in signing the declaration of independence.


During the second half of the 18th century, more conflicts between the British government and the colonist grew more and more. The first people who intended to liberate the colonies were interested in stopping the British government from further taxation of colonies. They formed the stamp act congress in 1765 and later on first continental congress in 1774. This were unification of states with aims of compromising with the British government on ways of colonies taxation. These were conservative people from different colonies who did not view independence as the first solution instead believed they could reconcile with the crown and seek redress.


As the first continental congress was in the progress of addressing the grievances of the colonists, discontentment and tensions between the colonist and the British government kept growing. The slow pace at which the congress and the British government were addressing the issues brought in feeling of desperations. Flareups in Concord and the battle of Lexington were basic reflections of the colonist feelings. This flareups and others were to become the revolutionary wars, as colonists decided to fight for their independence. The Boston tea party was the most glaring colonist indignation towards the British rule. In response to these the British rule declared the intolerable acts. This did not kill the resolve of the colonist in attaining the independence. With the failure of the first congress , the second congress was created with George Washington appointed as the head.


The declaration of independence was not done easily as the colonies with the second continental congress had suggested that those congress men representing north Carolina and Virginia declare independence first. There were some contentions and a committee of prominent people was made. These were:

  1. john Adams who was from Massachusetts as a congress delegate

  2. Thomas Jefferson who was from Virginia as a congress delegate

  3. Robert Livingstone was from new York as a congress delegate

  4. Robert Sherman was from Connecticut as a congress delegate

these group decided to meet on 11th June and after the meeting Jefferson was appointed by the group to write the declaration of independence document. The first written declaration of Independence document had to be reviewed before it could be sent to the congress. The remaining members of the committee revised it, but these was not the only revised edition of the declaration of independence document. A document that had gone several revisions was adopted and signed on 4th July 1776 ; the day of independence for all of us in America.

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Boston tea party

boston_tea_partyMany American have heard of events that lead the founding father of the nation and others to dump British tea in Boston harbor. This is the event that was to later on be called Boston tea party, but not every America understand the significance of this Boston tea party nor why it has to be remembered even today. Boston tea party was an event that saw American patriots throw 342 chests of tea into the harbor while disguised as the Mohawk Indians. The tea belonged to a British east India company , that had anchored in Boston harbor. The reason why these took place was to protest, various punitive taxes the British parliament had imposed on the colonists. In 1766, town-shed act was adopted and this allowed the British parliament to tax the colonist on various items such as tea, paint, lead, paper and many other items that they were acquiring from foreign countries. After several protest from the colonists in 1770, the acts were repealed but the tax on tea remained. The colonist love tea and the British parliament needed to take advantage of it. This was a mistake the British government made and it cost them the colonies in the preceding war of dependence.


The Boston tea party took place exactly on 16th December 1773 and it was the beginning of war of independence. The tea taxes imposed by the British parliament were meant to save the falling British east Indian company in addition to covering the cost of offering protection to the colonists. There had been other taxes the parliament had been demanding from the colonist, in order to cover war debts from French and Indian wars. The taxing regime was not well perceived by the colonists. Introduction of the tea tax was meant to remove all other taxes except the townshend tax. Most of the people who were first to revolt on this tax were the merchants in Boston. The British east India tea was being offered at lower price than the dutch smuggled tea. The colonist made several attempts in sending the British tea away but were not able to convince the British government representatives in the harbor why they had to do that. If the colonist accepted to buy the British east Indian tea, it meant they were conceding to taxation by the British parliament.


The complaints by colonist at these time were not in unison as most if the colonies were operating as independent entities. The union of states had not taken place by these time. The actions at the boson harbor made the colonist to come together in revolt against the British rule. The colonist were more better placed to identify with America more than with their respective mother countries. Consecutive intermarriages and integration of various cultures in America, had many colonist identifying with one another. This and the action at the harbor hardened their resolve to be independent. Many first European settles in America had fled their mother land to settle in America with a dream of being independent. The large British crown followed them to the new land and continued controlling them. The wishes of being independent were in all colonist irrespective of their mother countries.


Introduction of the various taxes were the unifying factor that made the colonist to realize their common destiny. They had to revolt against the crown to gain their independence. The Boston tea party was the first violence revolt against the crown. The consequent events after the Boston tea party are highly docume3nted at the A website that is dedicated in offering free American history information and essays. Visit the for detailed actions of all the people who were involved in organizing and executing the Boston tea party.

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Electoral College

Electoral_collegeElectoral college is a system of electing the president used in American electoral system. The system is based in the constitution of united states of America. The Constitution of united states of America as it was being made had several contentions that had to be compromised on. At the constitution convention, delegates considered different ways of electing the president. The first method was in allowing the congress to elect the president. Differing opinion were observed with some delegates indicating that allowing the congress to elect the president, they would be introducing conflicts within congress, corruption in the process of election or even manipulation by foreign powers.


The most deferring problem was allocating of power between the executive arm of the government and the legislative arm. This idea was dismissed and search for a compromising idea was sought. More ideas like the one where the state legislators had the power to choose the president were also fronted. Some delegates contested this idea as well on the basis that federal authority was at risk with this idea as presidents would corrupt the states legislators to disobey the federal laws. The other idea was a democratic form of elections , where the president would be voted directly by the people. This was nat received well among the delegates as it meant people would be more likely to vote for only those persons known to them and withing their states. A group of legislators came up with the compromising option of college of electors. This was to become the first electoral college design.


The electoral college design required that the state legislators were to make a selection of electors with conditions that no members of congress or any federal government employees were to elected as members of electoral college, in order to maintain the balance between the legislative arm of the government and that of executive powers. Electors from each state were to meet within their state capitals and not in a single forum to avoid issues of corruption. In order to avoid choosing of favorite candidates from within their states elector were expected to make two votes. One for their favorite candidate and the other one for someone outside their state. The results from various states would be sent to the president of the senate who would open the results and read them to the senate. The majority vote , which had to be more than half of the votes was to be the winning president. In case there were tie, the house of representative had to chose among the first five candidates who was to be the president. The first electoral college design lasted for only four elections before the 12 th amendments to the united states of America Constitution were introduced. The amendments required the two votes by the elector to be split in a way that the first vote was for the president while the second one was for the vice president. In case of a tie, the first three candidates would be chosen to produce the winning president.


The day of voting for the president was decided in 1845. it had to be an uniform day for all the states. Originally they took it to be the 34 day before the first Wednesday of November r only to be changed later as the Tuesday following the fist5 Monday of November in all years that could be divided by four. Other methods were tried before this method proved to be the most suitable one. Visit the for information on why various methods could not be acceptable to all. The is a website dedicated in offering free American history including the various amendments to the constitution of America.

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Cars and literature

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cars_and_literatureThere is no way you will write about cars without writing about the automotive industry. Cars and literature are almost similar in the senses of historical evolution. Cars have evolved from miniature cars to the most modern green and electrical cars. Globalization and the information technology are influencing greatly the trends in cars and literature. Literature in the last century was more accessible through hard copies as compared to the world today where much of it is now available through Internet in soft copies. Cars business has also been affected by information technology and globalisation as most car parts manufactures are merging and starting outsourcing of car designs. Changes can be seen with giant car manufactured venturing into offering financial services to clients. Cars and literature business are becoming more reliant on Internet for information and marketing. Main car dealers and literature marketing firms are using the latest in information technology in managing their chains of supply. A case example is the use of the latest ETR technology by book marketers like Google books and others. Car manufactures like Toyota and ford are laking in millions of dollars by using the latest ETR softwares in selling and supplying cars to franchises world wide.


Cars and literature marketers have resulted to using of information technology in order to cut down on costs while at the same time improving synergies through alliance with their foreign franchises. Global market for cars and literature requires strategic global partners, clear and precise assessment of the global trends and proper management of cultural impacts. Marketers of cars and literature understand very well the importance of where to make emphasis of the product in order to improve on profitability. Major car and literature markets are assumed to be America, Europe and some Asian countries, although new and strongly viable markets are emerging in Asia, Latin America and Africa. New trends in global marketing of cars and literature are being geared towards these emerging markets with more emphasis in avian markets. Visit for more analysts of global trend in marketing of cars and literature.


The challenges that are currently facing both cars and literature marketing is

  • product differentiation,
  • product developments green marketing,
  • globalization and supply chain restructuring.
  • Differing global environments,
  • competition and highly demanding clientèle in addition to shortages of capital,
  • skilled human resource increases cars
  • literature production and marketing challenges.


Production of cars and literature in America for American market can easily be managed on economic basis, but when this production demands a global clientèle, economics of scale are lost. Cleats of cars and literature in less mature markets demands for same levels of quality products as those in mature market are forcing suppliers franchises to produce products that are similar to those from the manufacturer or original producing facilities. Client preferences have to be understood clearly in order to come up with clear product differentiations. For those people who are interested in functionality of a car to be differentiated from those whose interest are in expression of status or otherwise. Likewise for those who are interested in particular form of literature, a marketer has to differentiate between those who have access to Internet and those who don't. Those with access to Internet can down load the literature contents while those who do not need hard copies that have to shipped to them. The has more and detailed information on cars and literature. Visits us for free information on the most lucrative markets of cars and literature.

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Malcolm_Xs_ideologiesMalcolm x was born in 1925 at Omaha in Nebraska,New York state as Malcolm Little. Growing through a repressive period for the black Americans, he had evolved to be a defiant black militant leader. Malcolm x lived through his fathers murder and mental hospitalization of his mother. He had been sent live with foster parents at very early ages. He become a criminal at an early age and was imprisoned severally. While in prison for burglary in 1946 he converted into Islam. He joined the nation of Islam group that held much sway with the black Americans. After his release he went to the headquarters of the nation of Islam in Chicago and met with the sect leader Elijah Muhammad. The nation of Islam considers the family names to have originated with the white slave holders, therefore it was necessary for Malcolm to change his last name “Little” to X.


The sect of the nation of Islam sent Malcolm on a country wide speaking tour, which turned him into a very effective speaker and organizer for the group. He assisted in founding of many Muslim mosques and increased the number off membership with nation of Islam. By 1961 he helped in foundation of the first of the nation of Islam publication; Muhammad speaks and was appointed as the minister of the number seven mosque in new York. With his eloquence and oratory skills he become well adored among the adherents. His most eloquent ideology was in rejection of racial equality or integration of the black people, but instead advocated for a separation of the white people from the blacks until a time when they would return to Africa. Unlike the civil rights advoctes Malcolm x advocated use of violence toward the whites.


After the assassination of the president of united states of America, J. F . Kennedy , Malcolm x comments made, the leader of the nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad to suspend him. By 1964 he moved out of the movement and formed his own religious organization. After his visit to Mecca, he changed profoundly his held views on black separatism. He now believed that the blacks cold possibly share the world with the whites whom he had all along blamed as inherently evil. Rivalry between his group and the nation of Islam group manifested itself with threats to his life. Three black Muslims carried out the threat by assassinating him while he was in a ball room meeting with his followers.


Malcolm x life history can be divided into three different periods. The first period of his life is when Malcolm x was a devout Muslim with nation of Islam group, between 1948 and 1964. after leaving the nation of Islam he joined the black nationalist and the last of his life period before he was assassinated in 1965, he had evolve through a universalism Islamic. Much of his poignant ideologies are found within the first two periods of his life. Malcolm greatest achievement is in his demonstration of the fact that learning, reading and reasoning are indispensable qualities of life for improvement of economic and social development of society. Malcolm lived in two different worlds during these two periods before taking a pilgrimage to Mecca. His ideologies are very highly contrasted between the two periods. After his transformation , his ideologies as a militant black American nationalist had turned into an Islamic ideology in search of black and white global brotherhood.

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History Repeats Itself

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History_repeats_itselfHistory repeats itself is not at all a truth, neither is it a theory; it something that has been observed over time. Thing happen, new things but much of it is just a repeat of history made in a different way. It is true there will always be new things but much of it are just but improvements on the older things. History repeats itself is an observation of little similarities you may not pay much attention to. In the last five or so years the world witnessed a depression almost similar to the one witnessed in 1930s. The America government went almost bankrupt from the events of the last ten years, just as the whole world was faced with depression in 1930s. Similarities in hardships that the people in America went through, with fore closures of homes and banks were just a repeat of history. What really makes history to repeat itself? The is a website that has detailed stories of people making historical mistakes and stupid repetitions that if were not for them history would never seem to repeat itself. Just think of the following examples from and you will agree with us that history repeats itself.


 In the history of the world, various forms of slavery were experienced over time. To mention just a few, Israelites as narrated in the bible were enslaved for years in Egypt, Persians, Scotland and African Americans have very highly documented history of slavery. This slavery forms were relying on agriculture, industrial construction and other food industries for their survival. The old form of slavery was more savage, with hard and forced labor. The slave holders needed slaves for mining and waging territorial wars. The current forms of slavery are more or the same as the old ones. Instead of forced labor, today we have voluntary labor in search of money and good life, which is more appropriate and easy form of slavery.


Territorial wars, that were waged in the name of empires expansion in history are not so different from the most recent wars of expansion by west and the eastern countries. The current terrorism crusades of the middle east countries and the involvement of the Americans with the support of some European countries in the region has no difference from the expansionism ideologies of old empires. The empires like Ottoman empire controlled almost half Europe in conjunction with its control of the middle east in ancient times. They plundered wealth and Christian religious items that were of great significance at the time. Bombardments of the Iraqis and Afghanistan countries which is plundering their oil wealth and destruction of their Islamic religious institutions has no difference. It is history repeating itself.


History repeating itself can be shown in the way genocides in the world have ever taken place. Without mentioning few isolated incidents of genocide, Christian believers faced a lot of killing from the roman government during the time Jesus was here on earth. Incidents of over zealous government officials carrying out mass killing of Christ followers is recorded. Early European settlers in America are said to have carried out massive genocide of the American Indians. History repeats itself, any mention of Jews in holocaust has all the necessary similarities to the past genocide of spiritual people by society.


The society and everything in this world moves in circles, cycles of insanity. Just think about how our behavior patterns maps a circular pattern, planetary movements, proton, neutrons and even how we are currently advocating recycling of our waste materials. The big bang theory talks of things coming together at the end and recreating once more as way of history repeating itself. Just visit the for more examples of how history repeats itself.


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