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Opinion Essay-Say What You Think

opinion_essay_writingAn opinion essay simply says what one thinks. Many people would like to express what they think in one way or the other, and one of those ways is through writing an opinion essay. This gives them a platform to express themselves and at least share their thoughts.

What do you need to know.

Having an opinion is one thing, but expressing it effectively is another. This is why any person writing an opinion essay should be willing to carry out enough research on the essay topic to ensure they write the best. Having a good understanding of what you are writing about is another string to your bow, since you will keep your reader hooked on what you write on.

Provide proof.

Why is this important? An opinion essay will involve the writer giving claims in their opinion presentation. This means they should no just state claims and not support them with viable proof. Every reader will want to learn from it and they will not waste time on an essay full of misconceptions. One should also ensure their opinion essay tells the audiences something they do not know yet.

How best can one write an excellent opinion essay?

Choose a topic

The best topic will attract a whole lot of readers. This is why it is important for any person doing an opinion essay to choose a catchy topic which will provoke the audience to read the essay.

Draft an outline

An outline acts as the road-map which the writer follows. A draft is a very important part of any writing since it ensures the essay written has a sensible flow. The audience will not waste its time reading a confused or disjointed essay, and remember this is an opinion essay!

Rough draft

This is the first writing trial. It is a necessary part in the writing process since it gives the writer the freedom to write without limits. It is advisable therefore to write the rough draft comprehensively, so that one weighs later on what to include in their opinion essay and what to discard.

A rough draft starts with an introduction which should be catchy to hook the reader. It should also have a thesis statement, which is a single phrase which tells what the essay is all about. After the introduction comes the main body, which should contain the writers arguments. Arguments and opinions must be presented viably and clearly, such that they are easy for any reader to pint out and comprehend. The arguments should flow smoothly and they should be expressed in plain and clear wording.

The conclusion

This is the summing up part. It involves the writer revisiting the major points in the essay to create emphasis. The writer might also restate the thesis statement.

Final copy

This is written after the rough draft. It is the last writing and it should be clear and concise. This means the writer should edit thoroughly the rough draft to ensure they pick only what is important. They should also ensure they proofread the final draft comprehensively to ensure the essay is flawless. It is important that they seek the services of other knowledgeable professionals who will reread the complete opinion essay done to ensure it is worth the reader’s time

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Custom Essays – Special Papers Just For You

custom_essay_writingWhat are custom essays? They are special papers done just for you! In more than one occasion, student find themselves with multiple assignments to accomplish within tight time schedules. These students hence seek for the services of online writing companies, which craft them custom essays. These papers should however be done just for you to ensure you get an original paper, if you are a student seeking for one.

What should you look for in a custom essay?

  • The price

It is true this is a paper done just for you. This means you have to pay for the service. It is therefore advisable the student chooses the best writing company which will craft them an affordable custom essay. They should also understand that cheap is not necessarily cheap. They might get a cheap writing company which will end up doing them a poor quality essay.

  • Quality

A good custom essay must be quality. This means any student with dreams to get the best grades from any essay they buy must ensure it is quality. This means they must identify a writing company which stresses on quality. It should be a writing company which has the best research facilities to effect research.

  • Reliability

A custom essay is an essay which will be done just for you. Meaning that you have to give directions as to how the essay should be done. This means any writing company any student identifies must be a reliable writing company which will follow instructions given strictly. The best writing company will also craft your custom essay reliably and submit it on time.

  • Originality

The fact that this essay is done just for you is not enough proof that the your custom essay is original. All writing companies do not have genuine causes. Others are out to make money easily and they could end up doing a client a shoddy essay. The student should therefore screen their custom essay for plagiarism before submitting to the instructor.

  • Citation

A good custom essay must be well cited. This is a paper done just for you, therefore it must be done as you want it. You should therefore give directions as to the citation style to be followed to guarantee a competent essay. If the citation style is not provided by the instructor, the student should choose the best citation style for their essay. For instance, MLA is used for humanities and liberal arts subjects, APA is used for science related subjects etc.

  • Payment mode

For a student, a custom essay should be done by a writing company which will not complicate everything. One might get an essay done but they fail to get it due to payments. In most cases, writing companies do not submit work until the client pays,which might be inconveniencing if they can not pay for the essay done due to unfamiliar pay methods. This might be inconveniencing especially when the essay must be submitted within a deadline.

Custom essays will save you time, and if you get a competent company, they will do it after thorough research, something which you might not be able to accomplish when you are busy. Other writing companies give revision services, and they will ensure you get the best satisfying custom essay.

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Writing your Cause and Effect Essay

cause_and_effect_essayIn writing a cause and effect essay, one simply explains the reasons as to why something happened and the results of that happening. A cause and effect essay might be on;

  • Causes of road accidents, the results of road accidents.

  • Causes of infant mortality, the results of the same etc.

There are a few things you should understand when writing your cause and effect essay. Sometimes, a given event brings about a happening and the happening leads to another which in turn causes another event. This is what is called the domino effect or simply the causal chain. A writer should also understand that a single situation may be due to several causes and effects.

What words and phrase can you use when writing your cause and effect essay?

There is always a specific language when explaining cause and effects. For example, you might use.

  • Consequently.

  • As a result of.

  • As a consequence.

  • One reason why...

  • The man reason why....

  • Because

  • As etc.

The best cause and effect essay should be written coherently which means the writer must use transition words well. Very many transition words should be avoided because they tend to confuse the reader.

It is important to have the best format when writing your cause and effect essay. A good format follows specific guidelines which are....

  • The introduction- An introduction just introduces the essay. It acts as a hook to glue the reader into the essay. The best introduction will market the essay, and this why it is important to write it colorfully. It should have a thesis statement which is a single line statement declaring the stand of the writer in relation to the topic.

  • A main body- When writing your cause and effect essay, you should understand that the main arguments lie in the body of the essay. This means the student must be prepared to conduct enough research to ensure they write the best essay. Arguments must also fall in a logical manner to avoid confusing the reader. They should ensure every idea they pass across is well supported by credible evidence and they must never assume readers do not have knowledge on the subject.

  • Body paragraphs should discuss an idea at a time. When writing your cause and effect essay, understand that compressing too many points in a single paragraph will render the whole essay useless. This is because you will lack the freedom to exhaust your points well, or you will write very long paragraphs which the reader will not follow.

  • The conclusion- The conclusion is a very important thing to consider when writing your cause and effect essay. A good essay has the best conclusion, and the best writer ensures their essay conclusion is powerful. The best conclusion will summarize the whole cause and effect essay, by revisiting the main points of the essay. A writer might also sum up the essay by calling the reader to action.

When writing your cause and effect essay, it is important to know that the essay is not complete until you proofread it. Proofreading will ensure you do away with any misconceptions, typing errors or grammatical mistakes. Small mistakes can change completely the meaning of any given essay. You can even use computer software to ensure you point out all errors.

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