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Saturday, 20 December 2014 14:52

Writing your Cause and Effect Essay

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cause_and_effect_essayIn writing a cause and effect essay, one simply explains the reasons as to why something happened and the results of that happening. A cause and effect essay might be on;

  • Causes of road accidents, the results of road accidents.

  • Causes of infant mortality, the results of the same etc.

There are a few things you should understand when writing your cause and effect essay. Sometimes, a given event brings about a happening and the happening leads to another which in turn causes another event. This is what is called the domino effect or simply the causal chain. A writer should also understand that a single situation may be due to several causes and effects.

What words and phrase can you use when writing your cause and effect essay?

There is always a specific language when explaining cause and effects. For example, you might use.

  • Consequently.

  • As a result of.

  • As a consequence.

  • One reason why...

  • The man reason why....

  • Because

  • As etc.

The best cause and effect essay should be written coherently which means the writer must use transition words well. Very many transition words should be avoided because they tend to confuse the reader.

It is important to have the best format when writing your cause and effect essay. A good format follows specific guidelines which are....

  • The introduction- An introduction just introduces the essay. It acts as a hook to glue the reader into the essay. The best introduction will market the essay, and this why it is important to write it colorfully. It should have a thesis statement which is a single line statement declaring the stand of the writer in relation to the topic.

  • A main body- When writing your cause and effect essay, you should understand that the main arguments lie in the body of the essay. This means the student must be prepared to conduct enough research to ensure they write the best essay. Arguments must also fall in a logical manner to avoid confusing the reader. They should ensure every idea they pass across is well supported by credible evidence and they must never assume readers do not have knowledge on the subject.

  • Body paragraphs should discuss an idea at a time. When writing your cause and effect essay, understand that compressing too many points in a single paragraph will render the whole essay useless. This is because you will lack the freedom to exhaust your points well, or you will write very long paragraphs which the reader will not follow.

  • The conclusion- The conclusion is a very important thing to consider when writing your cause and effect essay. A good essay has the best conclusion, and the best writer ensures their essay conclusion is powerful. The best conclusion will summarize the whole cause and effect essay, by revisiting the main points of the essay. A writer might also sum up the essay by calling the reader to action.

When writing your cause and effect essay, it is important to know that the essay is not complete until you proofread it. Proofreading will ensure you do away with any misconceptions, typing errors or grammatical mistakes. Small mistakes can change completely the meaning of any given essay. You can even use computer software to ensure you point out all errors.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 14:40

Romeo and Juliet essay

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Romeo_and_Juliet_essayRomeo and Juliet is a play by William Shakespeare. In writing a Romeo and Juliet essay, one will simply be required to write an essay on this play. This play is a love tragedy essay, and writing an essay on it is usually a task given to literature students.

To a good number of students, it might seem difficult to write something unique from Romeo and Juliet, but if one is creative enough, they can write a great essay on the same. How can one write a competent romeo and Juliet essay?

  • Give a critical view- You can write an outstanding essay on this topic if you look at the essay topic critically. It is possible to analyze the play and try to view it from the mindset of the writer. Was the writer aiming to pass across a point? Did he succeed in passing it? What about the family feuds in the play, are they realistic? etc.

  • The theme- The theme is a very important thing to tackle when writing your professional Romeo and Juliet essay. The play has several themes which are not different from many other plays and movies. The basic story in this play is very common, but the whole essay and its presentation is very unique.

  • Characterization- Without a thorough examination of all characters in this play, there is no way you will craft the best Romeo and Juliet essay. Characters may take different forms, they might be alive, dead or even supernatural and if this is the case, it must be mentioned clearly in the essay. A Romeo and Juliet essay will therefore require the student to mention the characters, especially the members of the two families featuring in the play.

  • Relevance- It will do you no harm if you relate the play with the present times. This enables the writer to give a modern touch to the essay, so that the reader does not feel they read a thing of the past which has no significance to their lives at all.

  • It is an essay on a play- Your Romeo and Juliet essay should be an essay on a play. Any writer might understand that they write an essay on something meant for the stage and for reading. It is something for the audience to watch and also hear, hence it must be written with that in mind.

  • It is an analytical essay- A wise student will understand that the best quality Romeo and Juliet essay should be written as an analytical essay. This means the essay must be based on one’s analysis of the play in question hence give a discussion of different aspects contributing to the effect the essay brings to the audience. It is important to discuss all the important effects used in the play, for instance, dramatic devices.

  • Write as a member of the audience- Writing your Romeo and Juliet essay like you were a member of the audience gives you the liberty to write from a “seeing and hearing” point of view. This will also give the writer the freedom to analyse the structure of the scenes of the play.

Writing an outstanding Romeo and Juliet essay will not be a difficult task if you follow the points given above. It is also important to conduct research in earnest.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 13:57

Mrs. essay

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The story written here is a fictional story written about some people and how they immigrated to united states of America. We will use the term Mrs as the name our of our character in oder to give it the feminine feel but not a definite name. There are more articles as these one at the, that might help you in understanding some of the difficulties people face while immigrating to united states of America or else where. The articles at the website are written by highly professional writers from our writing department.


This is the story about Mrs who wonders how she emigrated to united states of America. She believes that she never emigrated from German to united states of America or rather she was immigrated. Mrs was a member of union of journalist in German and and correspondent of a reputable newspaper in united states America. Her friend and companion had been arrested and was due to be aligned in court in two days time. Information indicated that she was the only person capable of helping. The court was not allowing any body for the hearing apart from journalist. She was the only one who could be able to expose the atrocities done on her community members to the rest of the world. Mrs had to get inside the court room tape everything and then transcribe it for media use in America.


No one was going to stop Mrs from carrying her duty although she had her misgivings after graduating from a screenwriter course only a few months back and she wanted to start film making in German more than ever. But with kangaroo courts in Germany, Mrs knew her friend stood no chance unless someone did something.


Her friend had been working a typist for a local newspaper in German and hard stated typing some documents that were considered subversive by the government at the time. She was caught with some of the documents in he office after tracing the source of the documents. He friend was a Jew just like Mrs. Most Jews were requesting for emigration visas from the government and these was embarrassing the government.


The next morning Mrs went to the courthouse. As usual she found the plainclothes police filling the places together with the voluntary police squad that guards the court. The parents of her friend were there but highly intimidated. She showed the press card which was checked by three court handlers. The magic of press card, they imagined she was there as an employee of one the big newspapers “the truth” in the country that supported the government. Surely, Mrs was there to tell the truth. But little did she know what was in store for her.


The recording tape that Mrs was carrying could only tape for 1 hour as she had estimated to court procedure would take. To he surprise the court took lounger than one hour and her tape went out. A microphone beep from the tape made even the judge to stare at her. The court went to recess, and to her surprise the police were tearing her into pieces by the time the judge entered into his chamber. You may imagine what went on after that. Visit the for more on what went on with Mrs life after these single incident and how she found herself here in America as an immigrant Jew.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 13:24

Mr Essay

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Mr Essay - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

essayMr was born in Moscow to ordinary Jewish family and grew to become a teenage boy who was more interested in games that in studying. He had a passion performing on stages and dancing that his parents had not paid much interest in. during these times there was scarcity of food in the whole of Moscow. The Jews were more had hit by the scarcity of food and they at times had to do without eating for a day or two. Some information about food scarcity in Moscow can be found at the We have more stories of how Jews and ordinary Russians survived the food scarcity.


Mr realized late the cost of not paying attention to his studies, after he had gotten married already at the age 20. He got his first child at 23 and was forced to go back to college in order to supplement his family cost of living. Life did not go smoothly for Mr as he got divorce four years later. His wife migrated to German and he was left with his family and a son who was only five years old. Mr got employed with a research center that was dealing with cold climate primates. With a determination he had never employed in his life, Mr was able to earn respect from his fellow researcher in the zealously way he carried out his duties.


His son on the other hand was still growing up to a teenage boy. At one time, Mr had been working for a project that had taken them away from home for three weeks. Returning home, he was informed that the son had dropped out of school for reasons he had indicated he would only share with his father. Mr having know how he lost his time as a teenage was enraged with his sons decision. But years of working with cold weather primates he had come to appreciate the value of listening before making judgment. That evening he called his son and they had a son father talk that was to change his life forever.


Mr. did not know that the education system in Moscow was one thing that had always made him to hate studies, but his son came out very clearly in their discussion; the education in Moscow was not good for career building for Jew. For the next three months he struggled with suggestion by his son that they would rather migrate to united states of America, where the prospect of good education and career building were more promising. Mr had no know relatives in America and was living with his elderly parents. He knew he did not have much education to meet the demanding job market in united states; but he wanted the best for his son.


Mr. had to make the decision. Today he works at the Washington university as a lab assistant , where his son studied and teaches biochemistry. For the to migrate Mr. had to sell everything they owned back in Moscow and migrate with his whole family into a new world they never new in search of a dream. A dream his son has achieved. Read more stories like these and more on real life at the and other fictional stories about people and how they migrated to united states of America in search of a dream.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 12:49

History Essay

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History_essayWriting of a history essay requires all students of history to collect together all information about the assignment. These should include assignment handouts, course outline and all the notes your instructor may have given during the class. In order to write credible history essay start by estimating how long you expect the essay will be, when it will be due and whether you are working on a pre-assigned topic or you have to get your own topic. Whenever you are in doubt; consult your instructor. When expected to write on a topic of your choice and you are in doubt about your capability of choosing the best topic for your history essay, visit; these is a website that has numerous topics on various subjects including history subject. The website offers you with topic choosing tips and sample essays on some very important topics for free.\


In case you need to confirm your choice topic with your instructor, be free to do so as instructors wants you to show some level of dedication on the subject of writing. History essays have standards of writing and marking that have to be employed by the writer and the instructor. Always remember to answer the question of your topic as this is where most students fail to respond adequately to the question posed by the history essay. Writing a history essay requires to follow a given structure starting with introduction, the body of the paper and finally the conclusion. Make sure you have a history paper that has strong introduction as opposed to one with weak introduction but strong body.



The introduction of your history essay requires you to state clearly what you will be writing about in the essay. This is key to any history essay. Write a catchy, credible and provable thesis statement that will answer your question. Use the rest of the introduction paragraph to explain what you will be writing about. A good and strong introduction of a history essay will show what you intend to argue about even before writing.


The body

With all the notes from class and information collected from outside sources, give the body of your history essay credible and quality evidence. All the point of argument must be supported with evidence but do not over do it. Use quotes , statistics or even paraphrases and summaries of your evidences sparingly. This will help you in submitting an original history essay and not a copy paste work. All paragraphs in the body of your history essay should start with a topic sentence. The topic sentences should support logically the thesis statement in your introduction paragraph. The rest of the sentences should support the topic sentences by use of evidence and proper structuring. Make sure all facts presented are relevant to your history essay topic and not necessary related.



This is the part you will summarize your point of argument in order to show how they support your thesis statement. Make sure the history essay question you intended to answer id answered correctly here. What was the point you were trying to make is the basis of making your conclusion. Visit the for tips on how to write a credible and high quality history essay.

The websites advices to avoid some mistakes generally committed by students when writing history essays.

  • Avoid flowery language, go direct to the point and don't use jargon

  • avoid irrelevant and unnecessary facts

  • avoid highly opinionated statements without giving evidence

  • reason historically and don't just dump on your history essay unnecessary information

Saturday, 20 December 2014 12:24

De Tocqueville: American democracy

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american_democracy De Tocqueville was a French historian with a political interest. He is know for his insightful book on American history, which was published in 1835. De Tocqueville visited the united states of America early 19 th century and in his book “American democracy” he was able to note that private interest of the American people and their personal gain were the primary factor that motivated their democratic actions. This private interests were leaning m,ore into transforming the American people into strong private individuals. Democracy required responsibility or patriotism to public life , but according to De Tocqueville, this form of individualism was not good for the growth of democracy. Individualism was more likely to breed in despotism and selfishness. Once people are despotic , they neglect their civic duties and do not care more on their democratic rights of freedom. The way America was being ruled in a democratic way , with emphasis on freedom and equality of all made America a great nation as compared to his home country in France. In chapter nine of the book De Tocqueville compares how the democratic rule in America gives women the freedom to access education as compared to his native country. On a lighter note De Tocqueville wrote on good things about American democracy and those things he believed would hamper the growth of democracy as envisioned in running of the American democratic government.


The form education in America was geared to protect all people. Protection of women in American democracy was beneficial to the country as women were being handed the tools of raising moral families; pillars of American society. Women are noted to be the primary family cares, raising children and next generation in a society. American democracy of giving equal rights to all empower the American woman to look after themselves and thereby setting America far apart from other countries. Women just like men enjoyed and still enjoys freedom of religion and marriage , something that is necessary for American democratic politics. From his observations De Tocqueville noted the consistency in which American democracy afforded America education as compared to his native country. The French form of education by the was a bit more aristocratic. Women were offered a timid, withdrawn and cloistered form of education in an aristocratic system of education. Unlike the American woman who was more guided and self reliant , the French woman was unguided and unable to protect themselves. De Tocqueville observed that these was one reason why democracy was failing to take root in France as compared to how it was working in America. According to De Tocqueville for a political system to survive it must produce well educated men and women continuously.


The fear of democracy, as was noted in other countries , De Tocqueville in the book “American democracy” dismiss it with an observation that it was possible to teach men and women how to control freedom. It had been observed in other societies, without the power to control individual freedom, chaos and anarchy were the recipe. Giving people the knowledge how to control their individual freedoms afforded people the power to use freedom wisely. As compared to France where morality was taught on the basis of religious morality, in America according to De Tocqueville in his book American democracy, he notes that American education teaches morality just like any other subject without injections of religious undertones. Visit the for a free De Tocqueville book on American democracy

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American Heritage

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American Heritage - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

american_heritageWriting about American heritage requires definition of heritage. A definition from an on-line dictionary states that, heritage is something that is handed down from past as a characteristic inherited from ancestors, a culture or even a tradition. There are three ways we can define heritage in a broad way. A birth right, a tradition or an inheritance, therefore American heritage can encompass all these three traits of heritage. In these essay the, writers , have written broadly on American heritage, without necessary aligning their thoughts on one specific definition of what could be American heritage


When i think of “American Heritage,” so many things come to mind. The monuments, the documents, the cultures and traditions that defines America as a great country. The various memorial days that we as American celebrate, all commemorating various historical land marks of our country. The day of independence to the American people is celebrated on 4th July each year to commemorate the day independence of all the the original thirteen colonies of British government in America declared independence. When you think of this day as an American heritage, you will not forget the men who courageously united all the colonies to fight for independent and united America. The courage that American people have in fighting for what is right to them and others in the current world is an inheritance they got from the many men and women who stood up for their rights against a strong and well prepared government of Britain. The men who fought in the revolution war to win us independences handed us unforgettable inheritance of resilience and determination. This an American heritage, of resilience and determination.


Thinking of making of the united states of America constitution, which was riddled with numerous issues that even lead to the first civil war in America. The believes in our founding fathers and their convictions of an united states of America, does not only come inform of our Constitution as an American heritage, but we inherited one of the oldest Constitution dispensation that has held us together ever since. The leaders who wrote our declaration of independence and those who wrote our Constitution impacts greatly on the American people. We live to our full potentials because of great American heroes who have gone out of their ways to make America a great nation. The first man to explore the moon, the discovery of nuclear energy, the fight for civil rights, the believe in God and humanity, all these are just examples of American heritage we got from our ancestors living and dead.


Discovery of the nuclear energy has enabled us to improve on delivery of clean electricity to millions of American, who would otherwise be still dependent on fossil fuels that are depleting at alarming rates. Many other countries have benefited from these discoveries, although you may be tempted to argue on the disadvantages of nuclear discovery, this is an American heritage to be proud of. The civil rights movement inspired by black civil rights movements turned our country into a better place for all to live. People like martin Luther king Jr and Susan Anthony who championed the rights of the black and the minority women are people who bequeathed us very credible American heritages that have even been experimented in other parts of the world. Whatever the words “American heritage” may mean to each of us in America, we all at least have something in common; to do the right thing and make the best decisions for our future generations. Visit the for more information on specific American heritages, in forms of culture , traditions or in-heritages that we share.


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Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Declaration_of_independenceMany of us Americans will not fail to attend the independence day, observed with parades and many other activities all over the states. But how many sit down to ask what really happened on this day. Cerebrations of independence in America are tied to the day the founding father declared independence of all states in America from the British rule. Declaration of independence was not done by the 50 states as they are know today but by 13 British colonies that were existing at the time. The colonies that were present in declaration of independence and the subsequent signing of the freedom document are listed at the as :



  • Pennsylvania

  • New Hampshire

  • Rhodes island

  • south Carolina

  • Maryland

  • Connecticut

  • North Carolina

  • Delaware

  • Virginia

  • Georgia

  • New York

  • New Jersey

  • Massachusetts

visit the, a website that offers free American history papers for information on the people who represented these colonies in signing the declaration of independence.


During the second half of the 18th century, more conflicts between the British government and the colonist grew more and more. The first people who intended to liberate the colonies were interested in stopping the British government from further taxation of colonies. They formed the stamp act congress in 1765 and later on first continental congress in 1774. This were unification of states with aims of compromising with the British government on ways of colonies taxation. These were conservative people from different colonies who did not view independence as the first solution instead believed they could reconcile with the crown and seek redress.


As the first continental congress was in the progress of addressing the grievances of the colonists, discontentment and tensions between the colonist and the British government kept growing. The slow pace at which the congress and the British government were addressing the issues brought in feeling of desperations. Flareups in Concord and the battle of Lexington were basic reflections of the colonist feelings. This flareups and others were to become the revolutionary wars, as colonists decided to fight for their independence. The Boston tea party was the most glaring colonist indignation towards the British rule. In response to these the British rule declared the intolerable acts. This did not kill the resolve of the colonist in attaining the independence. With the failure of the first congress , the second congress was created with George Washington appointed as the head.


The declaration of independence was not done easily as the colonies with the second continental congress had suggested that those congress men representing north Carolina and Virginia declare independence first. There were some contentions and a committee of prominent people was made. These were:

  1. john Adams who was from Massachusetts as a congress delegate

  2. Thomas Jefferson who was from Virginia as a congress delegate

  3. Robert Livingstone was from new York as a congress delegate

  4. Robert Sherman was from Connecticut as a congress delegate

these group decided to meet on 11th June and after the meeting Jefferson was appointed by the group to write the declaration of independence document. The first written declaration of Independence document had to be reviewed before it could be sent to the congress. The remaining members of the committee revised it, but these was not the only revised edition of the declaration of independence document. A document that had gone several revisions was adopted and signed on 4th July 1776 ; the day of independence for all of us in America.

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Boston tea party

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boston_tea_partyMany American have heard of events that lead the founding father of the nation and others to dump British tea in Boston harbor. This is the event that was to later on be called Boston tea party, but not every America understand the significance of this Boston tea party nor why it has to be remembered even today. Boston tea party was an event that saw American patriots throw 342 chests of tea into the harbor while disguised as the Mohawk Indians. The tea belonged to a British east India company , that had anchored in Boston harbor. The reason why these took place was to protest, various punitive taxes the British parliament had imposed on the colonists. In 1766, town-shed act was adopted and this allowed the British parliament to tax the colonist on various items such as tea, paint, lead, paper and many other items that they were acquiring from foreign countries. After several protest from the colonists in 1770, the acts were repealed but the tax on tea remained. The colonist love tea and the British parliament needed to take advantage of it. This was a mistake the British government made and it cost them the colonies in the preceding war of dependence.


The Boston tea party took place exactly on 16th December 1773 and it was the beginning of war of independence. The tea taxes imposed by the British parliament were meant to save the falling British east Indian company in addition to covering the cost of offering protection to the colonists. There had been other taxes the parliament had been demanding from the colonist, in order to cover war debts from French and Indian wars. The taxing regime was not well perceived by the colonists. Introduction of the tea tax was meant to remove all other taxes except the townshend tax. Most of the people who were first to revolt on this tax were the merchants in Boston. The British east India tea was being offered at lower price than the dutch smuggled tea. The colonist made several attempts in sending the British tea away but were not able to convince the British government representatives in the harbor why they had to do that. If the colonist accepted to buy the British east Indian tea, it meant they were conceding to taxation by the British parliament.


The complaints by colonist at these time were not in unison as most if the colonies were operating as independent entities. The union of states had not taken place by these time. The actions at the boson harbor made the colonist to come together in revolt against the British rule. The colonist were more better placed to identify with America more than with their respective mother countries. Consecutive intermarriages and integration of various cultures in America, had many colonist identifying with one another. This and the action at the harbor hardened their resolve to be independent. Many first European settles in America had fled their mother land to settle in America with a dream of being independent. The large British crown followed them to the new land and continued controlling them. The wishes of being independent were in all colonist irrespective of their mother countries.


Introduction of the various taxes were the unifying factor that made the colonist to realize their common destiny. They had to revolt against the crown to gain their independence. The Boston tea party was the first violence revolt against the crown. The consequent events after the Boston tea party are highly docume3nted at the A website that is dedicated in offering free American history information and essays. Visit the for detailed actions of all the people who were involved in organizing and executing the Boston tea party.

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Electoral College

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Electoral_collegeElectoral college is a system of electing the president used in American electoral system. The system is based in the constitution of united states of America. The Constitution of united states of America as it was being made had several contentions that had to be compromised on. At the constitution convention, delegates considered different ways of electing the president. The first method was in allowing the congress to elect the president. Differing opinion were observed with some delegates indicating that allowing the congress to elect the president, they would be introducing conflicts within congress, corruption in the process of election or even manipulation by foreign powers.


The most deferring problem was allocating of power between the executive arm of the government and the legislative arm. This idea was dismissed and search for a compromising idea was sought. More ideas like the one where the state legislators had the power to choose the president were also fronted. Some delegates contested this idea as well on the basis that federal authority was at risk with this idea as presidents would corrupt the states legislators to disobey the federal laws. The other idea was a democratic form of elections , where the president would be voted directly by the people. This was nat received well among the delegates as it meant people would be more likely to vote for only those persons known to them and withing their states. A group of legislators came up with the compromising option of college of electors. This was to become the first electoral college design.


The electoral college design required that the state legislators were to make a selection of electors with conditions that no members of congress or any federal government employees were to elected as members of electoral college, in order to maintain the balance between the legislative arm of the government and that of executive powers. Electors from each state were to meet within their state capitals and not in a single forum to avoid issues of corruption. In order to avoid choosing of favorite candidates from within their states elector were expected to make two votes. One for their favorite candidate and the other one for someone outside their state. The results from various states would be sent to the president of the senate who would open the results and read them to the senate. The majority vote , which had to be more than half of the votes was to be the winning president. In case there were tie, the house of representative had to chose among the first five candidates who was to be the president. The first electoral college design lasted for only four elections before the 12 th amendments to the united states of America Constitution were introduced. The amendments required the two votes by the elector to be split in a way that the first vote was for the president while the second one was for the vice president. In case of a tie, the first three candidates would be chosen to produce the winning president.


The day of voting for the president was decided in 1845. it had to be an uniform day for all the states. Originally they took it to be the 34 day before the first Wednesday of November r only to be changed later as the Tuesday following the fist5 Monday of November in all years that could be divided by four. Other methods were tried before this method proved to be the most suitable one. Visit the for information on why various methods could not be acceptable to all. The is a website dedicated in offering free American history including the various amendments to the constitution of America.

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