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Saturday, 20 December 2014 20:24

Essay Writing – College Concerns

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essay_writingThere are different and common problems which many students do, when it comes to essay writing. There are serious errors which students commit in their effort to write excellent essays, errors which are college concerns since the instructors encounter them on a daily basis. They include;

  • Too much use of I

All colleges include admission essay writing so that they know how to choose the best applicants. This means it is mandatory for any student with a dream to join a particular college to write an admission essay. An applicant will no doubt use “I” when writing their essays but they must be careful to use it to the minimal. Constant use of the word I makes the essay monotonous hence boring to read.

  • Wordiness and redundancy.

This is another college concern when it comes to essay writing. Most students do not realize that they have to use words sparingly, especially when it comes to writing admission essays. The admission committee does not have time to read trough lengthy essays which can be condensed into a shorter and meaningful essay. An essay which is wordy or repetitive makes the reader lose interest in reading.

  • Use of weak verbs

Again, essay writing is an affair which must be approached with care. Many students fail when it comes to choosing the verbs to use since they choose weak verbs over strong ones. The student should choose verbs which will not render the reading vague, but make it understandable and enjoyable to read.

  • Avoid use of cliches

Cliches are overused phrases. It is another college concern when it comes to essay writing because they tend to blur the point one aims to make. Excess use of cliches shows that the student lacks in creativity and they lose the reading taste. Examples of cliches include;

  1. I know my dreams will come true.

  2. I can make a difference.

  3. I know what is to triumph over adversity.

  4. I no longer take my beloved for granted.

  • Use the active voice

It is advisable for any student with dreams to get positive grades in their essays to use the active voice. Use of the active voice ensures the essay is focused and it makes a point. Do away with this college concern by using active sentences for example;

  1. The engine was left running, this is a passive voice instead use;

  2. The driver left the engine running.

  • Use of ambiguous words.

Any student must use precise words when writing essays. It is a leading college concern to use words which do not precisely point out at something. It is also necessary to avoid use of words which say remarkably little. The student should be careful to identify precisely what they talk about and avoid generalizing terms like, the society, groups etc.

  • Losing focus

Any student with dreams to write an excellent essay must keep relevant. As much as it might be impossible to fight the temptation to use anecdotes, one should keep focused. Anecdotes too add to words of the essay and might not help keep the essay on topic. Too much use of witty phrases could succeed in making you lose track of your argument and they should be avoided at all costs when it comes to essay writing.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 20:01

Essays- The Function of an article

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function_of_an_article_essay_writingOne needs to understand what an article is if they have dreams to write an essay on the Functions of an article. An article is a word combining with a noun to indicate the sort of reference the noun makes. Articles aim at specifying the grammatical preciseness of the noun in question. The English Language uses three types of articles;

  • The

  • a

  • an

The English language uses the three article words differently, “The” is used for more define nouns. “an” is used for indefinite and singular nouns which start with a vowel sound. “a” is used for  and singular nouns which start with a consonant sound. For students using English as a second language, it can be frustrating to master the functions of articles but it is important to understand that articles fall under some several basic rules;

  • The: Known things

The function of article the” is when one speaks about a definite thing which the listener already knows about. This is the most common function of this article. For instance, I fell on the floor. “ The” has been used to identify a floor which the audience already knows about, not just any other floor.

  • The: Things already mentioned

Another function of article “ the” is to make reference to something already mentioned. For example, I ate two burgers in the morning. The burgers have one mention already, so when referring to them later, you could say I had bought the burgers yesterday.

  • The: Reference to a unique the.

Referring to unique things can be another function of article “ the”. For instance, I have talked to the president of the United States. This shows that there is only one president of the United States. Using another article, for instance “a” in a sentence like I saw a president of the United States of America, shows that there are several American presidents.

  • The: Superlatives

Article “the” can be used with superlatives. A superlative is a word which expresses quality or degree. For example, most expensive, highest, biggest, smartest etc. “The” can be used with superlatives in sentences like; Asia is the largest continent in the world. This is the fastest car I have ever bought. It is also important to know that the function of article the” with superlatives is applicable when talking about a single, specific and unique thing.

  • A/An: Substitute for any/one.

Substituting one or any is the common function of indefinite articles. Any writer should use the articles “a” or “an” before any singular and countable noun, and it must be indefinite. Example , Today, I saw a train. Article “a” has been used because the train is not mine nor the only train.

A/An: To show frequency or allotment.

Another function of articles a” and “an” would be to show allotment or frequency. Allotment comes when talking about specific things for instance, buying of tickets or certain goods eg. The novel costs $30 a copy. Frequency is demonstrated by the number of times one does a particular thing eg, I walk to school once a week.

A/An: To show not a single thing .

This form of article use is not common but nevertheless, it is a function of articles a/an. These articles are mainly used in negative sentences to show a single thing for instance, There was not a car in sight, There was not a drop of water in the gallon etc.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 19:51

Informative Essays- What you know

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Informative Essays- What you know - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

informative_essay_writingThe aim of writing an informative essay is not to present your stand or opinion about a certain thing, or simply stating what you know about a given thing. The main purpose of this essay is to educate the audience on a certain given issue. An i nformative essay might have roles like;

  • Presenting updated research findings on a topic.

  • Explaining something not in the reader’s domain.

  • Defining a complex term.

  • Comparing and contrasting different terms or opposing view points.

  • Teaching the audience on how to solve certain problems or on how to apply knowledge on certain given issues.

  • Analyzing a cause and effect relationship.

What to know about informative essays

Think about the essay topic.

In most cases, instructors give students the directions as to how to write their informative essays or any other essays. This does not mean the student should be over dependent on the instructor, just in-case they are asked to find writing topics themselves. The best student understands that an informative essay is written to enlighten the reader, and they will choose a topic which will rouse the curiosity of the audience and keep them hooked.


An outline is a basic approach towards writing a competent informative essay. It helps the writers understand what they need to bring out in their essay. An informative essay should spell clearly the points the writer wants top pass across. This is not possible if the writer just takes a pen and starts to write. The outline will guide them to ensure they craft an essay which will flow smoothly right from the introduction.

First draft

A good essay writer starts with a first draft, thus the informative essay one writes must be crafted to hook the reader and provoke them to read deeper. It should start with a strong introduction paragraph containing a thesis statement; A clear and direct statement of what the whole essay is about.

The body follows the introduction. This is where your arguments lie and the facts must be presented viably and concretely. Each idea is presented here, and it must be supported with enough details and evidence where necessary. The body of an informative essay should contain facts, examples, incidents, reasons etc.

After the body comes the conclusion. Here, the writer summarizes what they have said in their informative essay. A conclusion might involve the restating of the thesis statement or revisiting the main points of the essay.

Proofread the paper

After writing the essays, you must revisit it and check it for punctuation, grammar and spelling errors. It is advisable not to reread it immediately you complete it, but leave it and revisit it later. One can also give it to another knowledgeable person to do the proofreading.

Write the final copy

This is the copy you write after you have checked your rough draft thoroughly. It does not mean that it is perfect after you write it hence, you must be prepared to check it over once you are through. It is advisable to ensure you have given it your all, that is, it should be the best you can do. One might even use different computer software to correct any errors if they are using a computer.

If you follow the instructions given above, they give you a glimpse of what to know about writing an excellent informative essay.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 19:42

Narrative essays- Simply telling a story

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Narrative essays- Simply telling a story - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

narrative_essay_writingWhat is a narrative essay?

A narrative essay simply tells a story on a given topic. The main goal of writing a narrative essay is to impart what we know to our audience to make them connect to their present being or senses, or simply to make them happy. A good narrative essay writer should understand that this genre of writing can take different forms like;

  • Writing from one’s opinion- This is whereby the writer writes a story based on their thoughts about a given issue or topic.

  • Writing to express experiences- A writer tells their different life experiences. It is the most comfortable of all narrative essays to write since the writers just states their experiences in regard to life. They hence don’t need to struggle a lot because they can state this in a continuous flow of ideas.

  • Telling about a topic from a fictional view point- A fictional narrative essay will be written from a person’s imaginative point of view, where there are no boundaries in regard to situations, people and events. This will be a fantasy piece of writing which will be engaging to read.

How can you write the best narrative essay?


The best narrative essay is the one which flows smoothly fro the start to the end. The flow of the essay is however an aspect which will not come on a silver platter. This is why it is important for a writer to draft an outline so that they avoid writing a disjointed essay. No reader will read a confusing narrative even if they had the time.

Rough draft- Start with an introduction.

An introduction is a very important part in any piece of writing. Many readers give up halfway through the introductory paragraph, if they can not make out what the writer intends to bring out. This means the best essay should start with a strong introductory paragraph which will hook the reader and keep them glued to the essay.

After the introduction comes the main body. This is where the reader should express their arguments or ideas comprehensively. They should be write clearly to keep their readers glued, avoiding confusing words or over long sentences which might discourage the reader.

The conclusion sums up the essay. The writer should end their narrative essay on a strong note to ensure the reader is left with something to remember. The essay might end with a verdict from the writer.


After one is through with the rough draft, they should go through it vigorously, removing grammatical errors or misconceptions. They must be willing to correct everything which is wrong to ensure the essay is worth the reader’s time. One should not reread the essay immediately, but keep it and revisit it later, which makes it easier to point out some fine mistakes.

Final draft.

This is written after one has proofread the rough draft and identified the mistakes. The writer should also be careful nevertheless, since they can still make errors as they write the final draft of the narrative essay. They should also proofread the final draft comprehensively to ensure the essay written is an outstanding essay.

The above guidelines will help you perfectly well if you have a dream to write the best narrative essay.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 19:30

Opinion Essay-Say What You Think

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opinion_essay_writingAn opinion essay simply says what one thinks. Many people would like to express what they think in one way or the other, and one of those ways is through writing an opinion essay. This gives them a platform to express themselves and at least share their thoughts.

What do you need to know.

Having an opinion is one thing, but expressing it effectively is another. This is why any person writing an opinion essay should be willing to carry out enough research on the essay topic to ensure they write the best. Having a good understanding of what you are writing about is another string to your bow, since you will keep your reader hooked on what you write on.

Provide proof.

Why is this important? An opinion essay will involve the writer giving claims in their opinion presentation. This means they should no just state claims and not support them with viable proof. Every reader will want to learn from it and they will not waste time on an essay full of misconceptions. One should also ensure their opinion essay tells the audiences something they do not know yet.

How best can one write an excellent opinion essay?

Choose a topic

The best topic will attract a whole lot of readers. This is why it is important for any person doing an opinion essay to choose a catchy topic which will provoke the audience to read the essay.

Draft an outline

An outline acts as the road-map which the writer follows. A draft is a very important part of any writing since it ensures the essay written has a sensible flow. The audience will not waste its time reading a confused or disjointed essay, and remember this is an opinion essay!

Rough draft

This is the first writing trial. It is a necessary part in the writing process since it gives the writer the freedom to write without limits. It is advisable therefore to write the rough draft comprehensively, so that one weighs later on what to include in their opinion essay and what to discard.

A rough draft starts with an introduction which should be catchy to hook the reader. It should also have a thesis statement, which is a single phrase which tells what the essay is all about. After the introduction comes the main body, which should contain the writers arguments. Arguments and opinions must be presented viably and clearly, such that they are easy for any reader to pint out and comprehend. The arguments should flow smoothly and they should be expressed in plain and clear wording.

The conclusion

This is the summing up part. It involves the writer revisiting the major points in the essay to create emphasis. The writer might also restate the thesis statement.

Final copy

This is written after the rough draft. It is the last writing and it should be clear and concise. This means the writer should edit thoroughly the rough draft to ensure they pick only what is important. They should also ensure they proofread the final draft comprehensively to ensure the essay is flawless. It is important that they seek the services of other knowledgeable professionals who will reread the complete opinion essay done to ensure it is worth the reader’s time

Saturday, 20 December 2014 19:19

Essay Papers, Purpose in Life

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/Essay_paper_writingAn essay paper written on the purpose in life majors on the writer discussing their goal in this life and what they aim to achieve.

While a good number of people know they have a purpose in life, many more do not. It takes some time for anyone to understand their purpose in life and for a student with dreams to write an essay paper on the same should be careful to point out things like;

What do we do?

This is a big question one should understand if they want to know what purpose they have in life. It might be important for one to change what they are doing at present, perhaps because it is what prevents them from understanding their direction in life. Why is it important to check on this?

  • It might be scanty to satisfy our inner-selves.

  • It might open ways for us to find more useful work.

  • We understand that we matter and we can give something to the word.

Know your mission in life

Many people people lose grounds in regard to their purpose in life because they do not have a mission in life. As much as it can be difficult to identify your mission in life, it does not mean you should give up completely. You can find it anywhere even without being conscious of it.

The points discussed above give a rough sketch of what an excellent essay paper on purpose in life can contain. Here are some general tips on how to write a catchy essay on the same;

  • Draft an outline- This gives you a rough road-map which you should follow to ensure you write a competent essay. No reader will waste their time reading through a shoddy essay or an essay which is disjointed. Every writer writing a purpose in life essay paper must therefore adhere to an outline.

  • Rough draft- This is the fist writing attempt. It is an important part in writing since it gives the student freedom to write generally and from a wider perspective.

  1. A good essay should start with an introduction, which should contain a thesis statement. This statement declares the stand of the writer in relation to the essay topic.

  2. The body is a presentation of the writer’s arguments, and the best purpose in life essay should be written comprehensively. All arguments must be easy to follow and comprehend.

  3. The conclusion comes last and it should be a re-visitation of the main points. The writer can also restate the thesis statement at the conclusion, to ensure they create emphasis and leave a permanent impression to the reader.

  • Fine copy

After you craft the rough draft, you settle down to write the final fine copy. This is what will go to the reader and must be done with utmost care. A competent purpose in life essay paper will glue any reader to the essay right from the beginning to the end. The writer should ensure they craft the fine copy in the best way possible.

  • Proofread

No one will read through an essay full of errors. This is why it is important for any student writing this kind of an essay to read the final draft multiply to ensure it is free from any errors, either typos, misconceptions or any other grammatical errors.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 16:33

Essay tips for perfect Article writing.

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Tips_for_perfect_Article_writingThere are some important essay writing tips for a perfect article which any writer should follow strictly to ensure they come up with an excellent article. No reader will waste their time reading crappy content, and this is why a writer should ensure they follow tips like;

  • Research

Research is a very essential essay tip for perfect article writing. It is important any writer ensures they get enough information on the topic they write, and tell the reader what they do not know. It is also advisable not to underestimate the reader, since many could be knowledgeable on the topic being written on. When carrying out research, one should ensure they get information from reliable sources which will not lead the writer to writing poor essays.

  • The outline

A good article must be outlined. This is another useful essay writing tip for a perfect article, which any writer must not ignore. An outline ensures every article written is logical and that the reader can follow the thread of argument right from the beginning.

  • The rough draft

A rough draft is an important essay tip for a perfect article, since it gives the writer freedom to write without limits. This ensures the writer writs generally, which will give them the liberty to revisit the article later and choose on what is useful.

  • Start with an introduction

You want to write a perfect article? Then follow this essay writing tip. The introduction acts as a bait to hook the reader into reading the article. It must be a powerful intro otherwise the reader will lose interest in reading the article. The introduction should have a brief statement on what the article is about.

  • Paragraphs

Your information and arguments must fall into sizeable paragraphs. They must be logical to follow and the writer should avoid lengthy ones. This is an essay writing tip for perfect article writing which is very important, since the whole article revolves on the body paragraphs. It is important that the writer organizes well to ensure the paragraphs have a logical flow. Each paragraph should discuss an idea at a time.

This is where the writer’s arguments fall, hence they must be prepared to discuss them comprehensively and with reliable evidence. No reader will waste time reading an essay full of misconceptions, meaning the writer must be careful to write viably.

  • The Conclusion

A conclusion sums up the whole article. One important essay writing tip for a perfect article in relation to the conclusion of an article is that, it should leave the reader with something to remember. The best conclusion will enable a reader to;

  1. Take action.

  2. Make a decision.

  3. Learn from tips given.

  • Soft copy

This is the final draft. For a writer, it is a very useful essay tip for a competent article, since it ensures they write a more detailed article. The best article is the one carefully written, meaning the soft copy will be the best. A writer who is careful to draft a rough draft and finally the soft draft will come up with a perfect article.

  • Proofreading.

Readers will not read through any essay full of mistakes or misconceptions. This is why it is important for anybody writing any essay or article to proofread the final draft thoroughly.

If you are seeking to write a perfect article, follow the essay writing tips stated above to ensure you write the best.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 16:21

Essay Outline- Plan in writing.

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/essay_outline_writingAn essay outline is simply the plan in writing. It is a immensely important part of any writing because it helps one organize their thoughts so that they write the best essay, and essay easy to comprehend.  Writing an essay is just like telling a joke, if you leave an important part in the middle of a joke you are telling, then the punch line will not make sense, this is why it is important that the essay one writers follows an outline.

Why is an essay outline important?

  1. It helps organize thoughts- As discussed above, an outline is just the  plan in writing. A well outlined essay will make sense to every reader. It also makes it simple to craft the essay in question.

  2. It helps determine length- Crafting an essay outline enables the writer to determine the length of their essay. In most cases, especially to students, instructions are always given as to the length of any essay they write.

How to draft an essay outline

  • The title- An essay should start with a title. The title is what the whole essay is about, and it should be at the top of the essay paper. Everything else falls under the title.

  • The Introduction- An introduction is very essential. It falls after the title, and it acts to whet the appetite of the reader. An introduction should be catchy to hold the reader to ensure they read through the whole essay. It should contain a thesis statement, which is always a single line statement which tells the reader what the essay is all about.

  • The body- This is a very important part in drafting an essay outline. The writer could use subheadings to communicate better. They might use the main points being discussed as the subheadings, it ensures the essay is easy to read and comprehend. Under each point or subheading, the writer should be careful to give information which elaborates the point.


            Information must be given in a logical manner. All points must be stated clearly to avoid confusing the reader. Any arguments must be supported by credible evidence from reliable sources. The writer must understand that the reader will discard the essay instantly if they find it to be misleading.

Body paragraphs should also fall in a sensible manner, since the flow of the essay must be even and inviting to keep on reading. The writer should avoid discussing many points in a single paragraph. Each weighty argument should be presented in its own paragraph. The paragraph sentences should not be very long that the reader will lose the meaning of the sentence.

  • The conclusion

This is the summary part. It should be done carefully to ensure the essay makes sense. A good conclusion should call the reader into action, or it should leave them with something to think about. It is therefore important to end any essay with a punchline to ensure the reader gets what the writer was trying to put across.

The best essay outline simply comprises of;

  • An introduction.

  • A thesis statement.

  • Body paragraphs.

  • The conclusion.

Again, an essay outline is simply the plan in writing.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 16:10

Abortion essay, how to write one.

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Abortion essay, how to write one. - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

/Abortion_essayAn abortion essay is an academic paper written by a scholar as part of their academic coursework. The issue of abortion has drawn criticism from different quarters. If you are a student with and assignment on how to write an abortion essay, here are some steps to follow.

  • Start by defining the issue

What is abortion? For how long has it been around? What is its history? By starting with a brief definition of the issue, you will put the reader into the light and they will have interest to read through your essay. It will also save them the time they would go to research about it, which might even discourage then from reading your abortion essay.

  • Identify and define the groups.

Abortion affects different groups of people differently. In most cases they fall under two categories, pro-choice and pro- life. It is important to understand t5he views of these people and bring them to the light comprehensively. For instance,the vies of rape victims, governments, the medical community, women, the church, single mothers etc.

Understand the different arguments by these groups helps the reader understand better and your abortion essay will be easy and enjoyable to read. Every one has their views on abortion in relation to experiences, situations etc. A woman who has been a victim of rape might not want to bring up the baby, and she might view abortion positively.

  • Give the facts

The best abortion essay must give precise information. The reader is not reading to heckle you for your beautiful grammar use, but they read it to get informed. This is why it is important for any writer to give precise information on what they write. They should at all costs avoid unsubstantiated opinions which will mislead the reader. It is possible to write a competent abortion essay if you take your time to pull information from the best reliable sources.

A good writer will take their time to find the best reliable sources to get information for their abortion essay. It is important to find reliable sources which will not contain information full of misconceptions or any biased information. Most readers are knowledgeable, or they have a basic knowledge of the issue, and if they identify any bias, or misleading statements and facts,they will discard the essay.

  • Be neutral

Your abortion essay is written with an aim to inform and not to give personal opinions. This is obviously a debatable issue raising storms from different spheres of the society. Many people question the abortion issue many of them being ethicists and also moralists. This is why the writer must be neutral to avoid bias.

  • Simplify jargon

As a writer, you must understand that your audience could not be knowledgeable on what you write on. This is why it is important to simplify any professional jargon in the field one writers on. Any reader might give up reading the abortion essay you write because it contains technical language, and you will not have realized your aim if they discard it.

  • Conclusion

Your conclusion should be punchy. It should revisit the main points of your abortion essay to ensure the reader is left with something to remember. The best essay conclusion will also call the reader into action.

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Different types of an essay format

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types_of_an_essay_formatMany students fail in their essay writing because they do not follow any of the different types of essay formats. We have multiple formatting styles, ans the student must use a specific one to format the essay they write. In most cases, instructors give the essay format styles to follow, but in case they do not, the student should identify the best.

How can a student understand the different essay formats?

There is no other way a student can familiarize themselves with the different essay formats except through research. They must dig into different updated sources to get more information in relation to essay formatting. Each essay format has different rules from the other, and for a student to write an exceptional essay, they must follow the guidelines of each format conveniently.

  • Stick to one format.

There is no way one will use two essay formats on the same essay. They have to stick to one format throughout their writing ton ensure they come up with the best essay. It is also important the student uses an essay format which they are conversant with, it will save them the pain of having to redo their essay or worse still poor grades.

What are the different types of essay formats.

We have several essay formats which apply at different types of writing. We have formats like;

  • The American Psychological association (APA) formatting style.

  • Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting style.

  • Chicago formatting style.

  • Harvard formatting style.

  • Vancouver formatting style among others.

It is important that the student understands what essay format to use on what type of essay, MLA is mostly used for liberal arts and humanities, while the APA is used used for all science subjects.

The APA essay format

This format is mainly used on different research assignments. It is used for a number of essay types and it has four parts;

  • The title page also known as the cover page.

  • The abstract

  • The body.

  • The references.

This essay format requires the student to place a margin of 1” on all sides of the paper they write. The paper should also have a standard size of 8.5 by 11 inches. One uses the font known as Times New Roman and it should be size 10 or 12. The reference list comes at the end of the essay and the essay must also have in-text citations.


Again, this essay format is used on humanities and liberal arts subjects, hence it is the most used. A writer has to use double spacing and the standard paper must be 8.5 by 11 inches in size. The font used should be size 12, Times New Roman or Ariel. This essay format requires the writer to give citations in a parenthetical manner. Citations should appear at the end of the essay written.

Harvard essay format style.

It is also refereed to as the author-date referencing style format.It is mandatory for anyone writing an essay in this format to provide information in the in-text citations.The information includes;

  • Author’s name.

  • Page number.

  • Year of publication of source or sources used.

All references must also be provided in a list at the end of the essay.

The guidelines given above will ensure you choose the best essay format to guarantee you a competent essay.

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