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Essay Writing – College Concerns

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essay_writingThere are different and common problems which many students do, when it comes to essay writing. There are serious errors which students commit in their effort to write excellent essays, errors which are college concerns since the instructors encounter them on a daily basis. They include;

  • Too much use of I

All colleges include admission essay writing so that they know how to choose the best applicants. This means it is mandatory for any student with a dream to join a particular college to write an admission essay. An applicant will no doubt use “I” when writing their essays but they must be careful to use it to the minimal. Constant use of the word I makes the essay monotonous hence boring to read.

  • Wordiness and redundancy.

This is another college concern when it comes to essay writing. Most students do not realize that they have to use words sparingly, especially when it comes to writing admission essays. The admission committee does not have time to read trough lengthy essays which can be condensed into a shorter and meaningful essay. An essay which is wordy or repetitive makes the reader lose interest in reading.

  • Use of weak verbs

Again, essay writing is an affair which must be approached with care. Many students fail when it comes to choosing the verbs to use since they choose weak verbs over strong ones. The student should choose verbs which will not render the reading vague, but make it understandable and enjoyable to read.

  • Avoid use of cliches

Cliches are overused phrases. It is another college concern when it comes to essay writing because they tend to blur the point one aims to make. Excess use of cliches shows that the student lacks in creativity and they lose the reading taste. Examples of cliches include;

  1. I know my dreams will come true.

  2. I can make a difference.

  3. I know what is to triumph over adversity.

  4. I no longer take my beloved for granted.

  • Use the active voice

It is advisable for any student with dreams to get positive grades in their essays to use the active voice. Use of the active voice ensures the essay is focused and it makes a point. Do away with this college concern by using active sentences for example;

  1. The engine was left running, this is a passive voice instead use;

  2. The driver left the engine running.

  • Use of ambiguous words.

Any student must use precise words when writing essays. It is a leading college concern to use words which do not precisely point out at something. It is also necessary to avoid use of words which say remarkably little. The student should be careful to identify precisely what they talk about and avoid generalizing terms like, the society, groups etc.

  • Losing focus

Any student with dreams to write an excellent essay must keep relevant. As much as it might be impossible to fight the temptation to use anecdotes, one should keep focused. Anecdotes too add to words of the essay and might not help keep the essay on topic. Too much use of witty phrases could succeed in making you lose track of your argument and they should be avoided at all costs when it comes to essay writing.

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