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Essays- The Function of an article

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function_of_an_article_essay_writingOne needs to understand what an article is if they have dreams to write an essay on the Functions of an article. An article is a word combining with a noun to indicate the sort of reference the noun makes. Articles aim at specifying the grammatical preciseness of the noun in question. The English Language uses three types of articles;

  • The

  • a

  • an

The English language uses the three article words differently, “The” is used for more define nouns. “an” is used for indefinite and singular nouns which start with a vowel sound. “a” is used for  and singular nouns which start with a consonant sound. For students using English as a second language, it can be frustrating to master the functions of articles but it is important to understand that articles fall under some several basic rules;

  • The: Known things

The function of article the” is when one speaks about a definite thing which the listener already knows about. This is the most common function of this article. For instance, I fell on the floor. “ The” has been used to identify a floor which the audience already knows about, not just any other floor.

  • The: Things already mentioned

Another function of article “ the” is to make reference to something already mentioned. For example, I ate two burgers in the morning. The burgers have one mention already, so when referring to them later, you could say I had bought the burgers yesterday.

  • The: Reference to a unique the.

Referring to unique things can be another function of article “ the”. For instance, I have talked to the president of the United States. This shows that there is only one president of the United States. Using another article, for instance “a” in a sentence like I saw a president of the United States of America, shows that there are several American presidents.

  • The: Superlatives

Article “the” can be used with superlatives. A superlative is a word which expresses quality or degree. For example, most expensive, highest, biggest, smartest etc. “The” can be used with superlatives in sentences like; Asia is the largest continent in the world. This is the fastest car I have ever bought. It is also important to know that the function of article the” with superlatives is applicable when talking about a single, specific and unique thing.

  • A/An: Substitute for any/one.

Substituting one or any is the common function of indefinite articles. Any writer should use the articles “a” or “an” before any singular and countable noun, and it must be indefinite. Example , Today, I saw a train. Article “a” has been used because the train is not mine nor the only train.

A/An: To show frequency or allotment.

Another function of articles a” and “an” would be to show allotment or frequency. Allotment comes when talking about specific things for instance, buying of tickets or certain goods eg. The novel costs $30 a copy. Frequency is demonstrated by the number of times one does a particular thing eg, I walk to school once a week.

A/An: To show not a single thing .

This form of article use is not common but nevertheless, it is a function of articles a/an. These articles are mainly used in negative sentences to show a single thing for instance, There was not a car in sight, There was not a drop of water in the gallon etc.

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