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Narrative essays- Simply telling a story

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narrative_essay_writingWhat is a narrative essay?

A narrative essay simply tells a story on a given topic. The main goal of writing a narrative essay is to impart what we know to our audience to make them connect to their present being or senses, or simply to make them happy. A good narrative essay writer should understand that this genre of writing can take different forms like;

  • Writing from one’s opinion- This is whereby the writer writes a story based on their thoughts about a given issue or topic.

  • Writing to express experiences- A writer tells their different life experiences. It is the most comfortable of all narrative essays to write since the writers just states their experiences in regard to life. They hence don’t need to struggle a lot because they can state this in a continuous flow of ideas.

  • Telling about a topic from a fictional view point- A fictional narrative essay will be written from a person’s imaginative point of view, where there are no boundaries in regard to situations, people and events. This will be a fantasy piece of writing which will be engaging to read.

How can you write the best narrative essay?


The best narrative essay is the one which flows smoothly fro the start to the end. The flow of the essay is however an aspect which will not come on a silver platter. This is why it is important for a writer to draft an outline so that they avoid writing a disjointed essay. No reader will read a confusing narrative even if they had the time.

Rough draft- Start with an introduction.

An introduction is a very important part in any piece of writing. Many readers give up halfway through the introductory paragraph, if they can not make out what the writer intends to bring out. This means the best essay should start with a strong introductory paragraph which will hook the reader and keep them glued to the essay.

After the introduction comes the main body. This is where the reader should express their arguments or ideas comprehensively. They should be write clearly to keep their readers glued, avoiding confusing words or over long sentences which might discourage the reader.

The conclusion sums up the essay. The writer should end their narrative essay on a strong note to ensure the reader is left with something to remember. The essay might end with a verdict from the writer.


After one is through with the rough draft, they should go through it vigorously, removing grammatical errors or misconceptions. They must be willing to correct everything which is wrong to ensure the essay is worth the reader’s time. One should not reread the essay immediately, but keep it and revisit it later, which makes it easier to point out some fine mistakes.

Final draft.

This is written after one has proofread the rough draft and identified the mistakes. The writer should also be careful nevertheless, since they can still make errors as they write the final draft of the narrative essay. They should also proofread the final draft comprehensively to ensure the essay written is an outstanding essay.

The above guidelines will help you perfectly well if you have a dream to write the best narrative essay.

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