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Opinion Essay-Say What You Think

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opinion_essay_writingAn opinion essay simply says what one thinks. Many people would like to express what they think in one way or the other, and one of those ways is through writing an opinion essay. This gives them a platform to express themselves and at least share their thoughts.

What do you need to know.

Having an opinion is one thing, but expressing it effectively is another. This is why any person writing an opinion essay should be willing to carry out enough research on the essay topic to ensure they write the best. Having a good understanding of what you are writing about is another string to your bow, since you will keep your reader hooked on what you write on.

Provide proof.

Why is this important? An opinion essay will involve the writer giving claims in their opinion presentation. This means they should no just state claims and not support them with viable proof. Every reader will want to learn from it and they will not waste time on an essay full of misconceptions. One should also ensure their opinion essay tells the audiences something they do not know yet.

How best can one write an excellent opinion essay?

Choose a topic

The best topic will attract a whole lot of readers. This is why it is important for any person doing an opinion essay to choose a catchy topic which will provoke the audience to read the essay.

Draft an outline

An outline acts as the road-map which the writer follows. A draft is a very important part of any writing since it ensures the essay written has a sensible flow. The audience will not waste its time reading a confused or disjointed essay, and remember this is an opinion essay!

Rough draft

This is the first writing trial. It is a necessary part in the writing process since it gives the writer the freedom to write without limits. It is advisable therefore to write the rough draft comprehensively, so that one weighs later on what to include in their opinion essay and what to discard.

A rough draft starts with an introduction which should be catchy to hook the reader. It should also have a thesis statement, which is a single phrase which tells what the essay is all about. After the introduction comes the main body, which should contain the writers arguments. Arguments and opinions must be presented viably and clearly, such that they are easy for any reader to pint out and comprehend. The arguments should flow smoothly and they should be expressed in plain and clear wording.

The conclusion

This is the summing up part. It involves the writer revisiting the major points in the essay to create emphasis. The writer might also restate the thesis statement.

Final copy

This is written after the rough draft. It is the last writing and it should be clear and concise. This means the writer should edit thoroughly the rough draft to ensure they pick only what is important. They should also ensure they proofread the final draft comprehensively to ensure the essay is flawless. It is important that they seek the services of other knowledgeable professionals who will reread the complete opinion essay done to ensure it is worth the reader’s time

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